Anal dildos, butt plugs for the experienced.

I have a few butt plugs and have been having great fun with them for some time now, but i want to buy something really mind blowing, do not want anything particularly wide but ribbed and hits the right spot to wild orgasms would be good, also something with a suction base leaving both hands free, anyone got any suggestions?

Anyone?? (he asked in a plaintive voice) Anyone at all? (but the silence grew yet longer, 'Maybe they will all reply tonight he thought and there will be reams of joyous advice in the morning')

Ok so it is the end of the day and nearly the end of the week and i have spent all of both up to my neck in law, something had to snap. Hope to get all your advice in the morning.

try the black cat dual rotating butt plug a well recommended

A mouse sticking a black cat up their bum.....the mind boggles !!!!!

Looks good i will give it a try, Thanks mouse322

Happycamper that has got to be the prettiest butt plug on the market! I love it. I'm going to suggest it to a friend who was looking for one to put on her Christmas list.

But the black cat thing looks incredible - my Christmas list I think!

These are supposedly very pretty when in, but I'm not convinced yet!

This one from Taboo/Doc Johnson is pretty good, but I found the material gets a bit tacky around the sphincter after a while :(

Another favourite, but it may not fit your size requirements is the 7.5" Colt Pounder, i think the head is around 2" wide, but i can't find any dimensions at the moment :(

How about the Tantus Principal:
It's 7 inches with a 1.4 inch diameter, or there's a larger diameter version here:

Or if you are daring you might try the "Anal Navigator"
It's big and very long, much bigger than you might expect but it's made of vinyl so it's quite soft.. just about do-able. None of them have suction bases but you can strap them to a chair.

If you really want the ultimate, you need to buy a sex machine. I own a "Hide-A-Cock" which I bought from Ken's Twisted Mind (USA store) and I've just ordered the Monkey Rocker from LoveHoney:
Not cheap, but you won't regret the investment.

Why don't butt plugs have much wider bases, I'm very new to using toys but most of the plugs I've seen could easily go right in and get lost when the bases arent much bigger than the widest point?

My first post !! So Hi everyone ..:)

Iv just bought a falcon large butt plug and Iv got to say this is quite mindblowing !! I have to wear It a bit at a time to get used to it but Im getting there, Soon I be able to wear it allday !!

Have fun

On the subject of bases, I think my own preference would be for a fairly long bar, rather than the disc-shaped base that toys usually have. This would still act as a 'stopper', but would be far more comfortable between the cheeks when standing up (or whem lying down with the legs straight.

that is such a good idea greebo!!! why havent they thought of this before?!

Well, Wiz, perhaps you're in a good position to present innovations like this to the people who produce the toys?

If you want a mind blowing butt plug, buy a Sub Mariner from Target Practice. Lovehoney don't sell them worse luck, so take a look here >

I have one so I can recommend it!