Anal dildos...

First post...!

Just wondered, is it safe to use just a normal dildo, for naal play?

Such as...

I couldn't think why not. Just remember the lube.

Yes, lube is always essential where the bum is involved!
Remember, too, that the vagina is designed to be penetrated, whereas the rectal cavity is not. And the nerve endings inside a bum aren't sensitive in the same sort of way that nerve endings in a vagina are. Sure, stimulation of the bum can provide superb delight, but do treat it with care and respect!

On the other hand, my own experience is that the arse is VERY forgiving!

Jelly dildos are good for lots of things, but with a bit of lubricant they can be very easy to use... especially if you're not used to it! Take it slow, use lots of lube and there shouldn't be a problem using most dildo's anally - it's just the rabbit vibrators that aren't really able to be used for arse play haha!

My problem with jelly dildo's and vibes is that I find them too soft to actually penetrate even with large coating's of lubricant I can't get them up !
Therefore I have no option but to use a solid plastic vibe which whilst powerful and satisfying does limit my options. As anyone else found a solution to this, I have no problem when something is inside me it's just getting it up that's the problem.

Hi Pleasurezone,
All l can say is that if you try enough large butt plugs you will eventually have no problem with the jelly dildos. Good luck.

Well, Pleasurezone, I can endorse what Tallboy says!
I'm loving my new (well, newish) "3 Bangs". Not the mega one - I'm saving up for that! The slightly smaller one. Floppy it may be, but once I acquired the knack of feeding it in, my bum became an insatiable devourer!

Now, it always wants to go in all the way. Base and all.
And three nights ago, I took it in reverse! Base first, and all the way so that only the first little 'bang' remained peeking out through my sphincter!

All with the help of plenty of lube, naturally!

Well done Greebo ended up doing that with the mega in the end... pun intended ha ha.......

See my profile photo for my ideal anal dildo !!!!!!!!!!!!