Anal discomfort

my bf started using anal toys and even though he likes them he keeps complaining of a feeling like he has to go n.2.
according to him this feeling is around the opening of the anus but not in the anus itself. if a slimmer toy is inserted theres no discomfort at all, not in or around the entrence.

is there a way to ease or make this feeling go away completely?

Just a couple of thoughts. Plenty lube? And maybe start small and build up, relax and stretch. Oh and douche

He needs to go slower. The issue is simple. The two anal sphincters are designed to be closed, until solid waste passes into the vicinity, which stretches the muscles and sends signals to the brain that it is time to visit the bathroom. This is what those muscles are designed to do and they do the job well, which means this sensation is veryyyy common, especially for beginners or if you go a little too quickly and stretch the muscles before they are relaxed. The only way to overcome this is with practice and by slowing down and learning to let those muscles relax, but it takes time. It is a new sensation. If he slows down, uses plenty of lube and relaxes, in time it will feel more natural and those urges will not come unless it is rushed. Good luck x

i see. thank you very much!

he does rush it and try to push in the inflatable butt plug we got which is rather big. ill urge him to start with something smaller first next time