Anal Douche?

I've ordered an Anal Douche, but I've never used one before.
I can see how its used, but can anyone give me any tips?
I know not to use cold or hot water, I don't want to cramp up or burn myself.
Whats the best way to use them? And best way to clean them?

Yes - getting the water temperature right is important - the old elbow test is good - if it's not too hot for your elbow its OK up your butt.

The one you bought looks quite similar to mine and it delivers about 150ml of water. This is about perfect as it's about equal to the volume of the rectum - cleaver these Chinese! If you expel each douche you don't put enough water in at any one time to get it going further up the colon. This is good as a full-blown enema using a gallon of water will wash out part of your colon (and may even clean the wax out of your ears) but if done regularly can disturb your digestion and furthermore takes ages for the excess water that doesn't get expelled to be absorbed.

I use the douche say 5 or 6 time - I just keep going till I'm sure I'm clean. Some waterproof lube is good as even the slim nozzle is sometimes difficult to get in without lube.

One slightly noisy trick I use to make sure I have not left any water in me to leak out at a critical moment is to finish by using the douche to put some air inside. The subsequent flatulence expels any residual water - noisy but effective!!

Finish off by putting some of your favourite lube inside using an ordinary syringe or lube shooter and you are ready for anything.

Good advice above. I use an enema bag though - less fiddly and you only have to fill it once, hang it up and then use the tap to supply what you need and when.

Don't use anything like soap in the water. Just use pure water.

Thanks for the advice...we had been looking at the enema kits, but they scared me. I just wanted to start small.
Just bought a set of lube syringes too. ^_^

Hehe - I know what you mean, those kits can look a bit "medical"

Lube syringes eh? Never tried those myself! Sounds interesting...