Anal for beginner

So I was wondering if I could have some advice... My partner wants to try anal a massive step for him.... He wants me to do it slowly and build up to potentially pegging.... He has never done anything does anyone have advice on how to start and build up to this as its new to me as well..... Thank you....

Gently slip a finger up there first... see how it feels and build up from there

Here are a few helpful blog posts I've squirreled out :)

I plan to start with finger but not sure how to progress from there....

Start with a finger or a very small plug. It helps to relax and get use to the feeling before anything else.

You can even start without penetration. Rub some lube around the area next time giving oral and just tease the entrance a bit without actually going in. You will both quickly judge his ability to enjoy anal stimulation. If all good progress as above from there

I started with a finger and then went straight in with a prostate toy. I haven't looked back!! I got the rocks off "naughty boy" which is great, not too big and once you have got used to it give a hell of a good buzz. Be looking for my next one as soon as the shops open again!

Try to keep the skin in good condition. I worked in a hospital and saw quite a few people having treatment or surgery for splits in the anal skin and even tears in the muscle. Some were caused by anal sex but most were caused by constipation. One person caused their own by over-zealous wiping with rough paper though the consultant did mention the skin quality was poor and dry.

Plain zinc and castor baby cream was recommended for mild cases and as a post-treatment conditioner.

If you want something to put in with your next Lovehoney order the Release Masturbation lube is very moisturising and non-irritant.