Anal fun issue

Been dating a guy for the last 6 weeks, turns out we're very like minded when it comes to bedroom fun. But at a request from myself, we stayed off the 'fun' aspect for as long as we could, until last week.

I think I'm having issues with his girth and I'd never thought I'd be saying this but he may well be too big.

I love anal, never used toys but started off with a finger and worked up from there. Never had an issue, until this week. We worked up slowly, lots of lube, gently worked it and it felt amazing, a little uncomfy. It wasn't until I went to clean up that I saw I was bleeding :(

I want to carry on bum fun, so purchased a butt plug, thought I'd try self servicing, get my bum use to it.

Does anyone have any tips they could pass over, please? I've never had this problem before.


I agree, give it time to heal. Also it may just be the opening which is bit torn, happened to me few times when was single, but had digestion problems. And I just tore myself. It can be bit annoying to heal, as you bit open it every time you use the toilet.

I would agree that you should check if the blood is in the stool, or if its just the opening being hurt. I was keeping it moisturised and it did help a lot to heal it. With internal it would be more difficult.

I think you may try to get used to being stretch bit more using toys, and slowly getting to larger dimensions.

Good luck and take care.

on a bleeding front i sufer from constipation and have problems with bleeding a little, from going to the tiolet this is useally due to a small tear happening. This is what i persume happened to you as long as the blood is a bright red colour you are useually fine. good luck with the trianing.

It's bleeding around the outside, stopped after about an hour, no blood in stools and can pass stools with no issue.

I've purchased the Basix mini butt plug, figured it's something I could also use on myself for practice, to see what it's like.

I've always had fingers used to ease things and then slipped his bits in, never gone straight to it or without lube. I've haven't got the guts to go straight into it lol

Guess this is a new page in my book with anal play, can only get better :p

Thank you for your replies, advice noted and taken x

sudacrem will help it heal quicker if your a little sore.

tried again last night, half a bottle of wine and 4 bailey shots, along with lots of lube and finger fun...............he fit in snug and had a brilliant session, only a tiny bleed but nothing compared to before

I was goingto sussgesst sudocreme...fixes everything lol

Glad last night was so good for you x

Tried again last night, without the booze induced relaxtion lol It went very well, listened to myself and as soon as i felt i was tensing up, we'd stop and he'd pull out just a little, add a bit more lube and slowly went back in again. Took about 10 mins before we were really going for it but it was well worth the effort..............must have been, as he had to sit down for 15 mins, due to his 'legs feeling like jelly' :p

Sounds like you got it right this time and i hope there was no more bleeding

no bleeding at all, think i may give it a rest for a few days, just so i'm not pushing my luck lol

me too lol thank you :)