Anal lube

I looked around for this but didn't find exactly what I'm looking for.

I've been out of the anal sex scene for about 18 years. Times have changed. My oh has finally agreed to try anal sex. We've been playing, and I've used K-Y jelly, but when I finally take her, I want her to have the best experience possible.

What's a good, long lasting anal lubricant?

I have used the lovehoney basic water based lube before and that has been fine. Be liberal with it and re apply if necessary.

If you wanted something super long lasting a silicone based lube would be the way to go as they last longer than the water based ones.

I would advise against anything with numbing ingredients as they can mean that you don't feel if things are uncomfortable so it can cause damage

I like Maximus, Anal Eaze and Lovehoney's lube. The Anal eaze is great for beginners as it numbs it a little, but not too much.

Hi Silverfox - I personally use Sliquid Sassy and find it brilliant - it is also really good for sensitive skin as it is free from chemical nasties :

I also use a product called Relax-an which is a fantastic product as it takes the burn away but does not numb you at all. You can feel everything - it just takes away that burn - it is an incredible product:

Hope this helps Hun :) xx

Silverfox1958 wrote:

What's a good, long lasting anal lubricant?

Pjur Original.

i currently use Maximus with no complaints whatsoever.

Am considering Love Honey Anal lube next

We have used the Maximus Anal lube too

It's really thick, doesn't smell and lasts ages. Being water based it's safe for toys too.

Me and my partner both fine this lube is great!

You can read my review of it if you like. :)

I've only tried Lovehoney's anal lube but I'm really pleased with it, I can't believe how much of a difference it makes compared to using normal lubricant! It's really thick and it has aloe vera in so is very soothing on the delicate skin in that area

Hi guys, newbie on here. looking to see what kinds of anal lube are the best. thanks, guddersx