Anal Lube

As mentioned on @Coupleplay’s booty rub post, does anyone know if massage oil / oil based lubes are ok for anal? My OH and I both have sensory issues and oil is probably the best compromise that we can both tollerate! I can’t cope with waterbased lubes and my OH doesn’t like silicone lubes

LH Discover lube is my favorite . Have tried lubes that are not water based and they lube great but can have lingering effects hours after use , and not in a pleasant way . I winder how many bottles I have gone through in the last 5 years ?

As a former sex toy reviewer it was suggested to us that we shouldn’t recommend anal lube as it can numb you and make it so you can feel if something gets damaged or hurt which would tell you you need to stop. So I’d only suggest using non numbing anal lube. Any good quality lube should do the job. I love pJur.

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Look up fisting butter, this maybe a suitable product?

I like this lube too, only problem I had with it was it wasn’t in a pump bottle, but a jar. Solved this issue by repurposing an empty LH Discovery bottle. :grinning:
It lasts longer than other water-based anal lube.

We did exactly the same.

The lube I have not tried my own cum . If wife would feel better , maybe I can talk her into it . Have a short porn where the lady jacks him off while running a nice big dildo in and out by hand . Catches his cum in a glass , then puts the dildo on her harness and applies his cum and then pegs him . Wife liked that video . Even bought me yellow and black stockings like the fellow was wearing . Oh please !

Own cum lube is really good what we do is collect 4 loads throughout the evening so we have a decent amount then put a decent amount in my ass with a syringe then the rest goes on the dildo and spread on my ass and in it goes, it’s amazing how good it works for lube because we are on a 10 inch by 5.75 strapon too and I’ve had some serious poundings with my cum lube

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I’d recommend liquid silk, it’s by far the best lube we’ve tried!

Liquid silk or spit if you’re in a pinch.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about cbd lube, and they have some on lovehoney, so I think that will be in my next purchase, helps relax, and increases blood flow, so more pleasure

Weve been using this

I’m considering whether to stick with it or try something new.