Anal lubes

Hi all, I'm after some advice or maybe just your experiences of anal lubes, I'm looking to move onto larger toys and was wondering wether the lubes with muscle relaxants and/or desensitisers actually work?

I along with most people would advise you to avoid anything with relaxants or desinsitisers in them, when your body sends you pain signals its for a reason and if you can't feel it you could yourself some real harm using bigger toys with these lubes.

The best way to build up to bigger toys is by taking time and realising your limits, not everyone can use these oversized toys. Just enjoy what you are doing and with time if you want to build up to these bigger toys you will be able to do it, but the key is to take your time.

please don#t usehe desensitisers you might hurt your self

just take your time like boobaloo saidand work yourway up

youwant to feel what your using or whats the point otherwise

This lube is the bee's knees;

Nice and thick, lasts for ages!


Steer clear, as others have said.

Personally, I like Sliquid Organics for silicone todays, Pjur Original for glass/anything non-silicone.

The Gun Oil H2O is excellent, somehow it manages to stick to all the right places and dosn't get absorbed by the body without having the silicon slickness about it.

This lube is brilliant, and the only one I will use for anal. It doesnt dry up or goes sticky, so it makes anal more comfortable.

I would definitely endorse what others have said above about desensitisers. Even if you reckon you are willing to put up with the after effects a) The anus and rectum often heal badly if damaged b) You lose out on stretching time, as you recover (the principle in my book is little and regular). To this end the best toys for this are tapered toys, as you can go a little further each time, rather than a discrete step up to a bigger toy (that extra quarter inch actually feels like a lot).

Personally for toy use I would recommend the Maximus lubricant linked to above. However, it is sticky and I really dislike the dried sticky feeling on my cock so for anal sex I recommend Sliquid Sassy, which is also what Lucy uses for anal toys.

Good luck on the size progression (what kind of sizes are you talking out of interest?).