Anal masturbation, what is your favourite way?

Hi all

I wonder what's your favourite way for anal masturbation?
Butt toy? If yes how? In the bath? On some surface and you play with or just inserting with your hands?
If fingers, how many do you fit? And what's the most pleasurable move?

Do you let your Oh do the preping when you have anal or you like to stretch yourself?

I did anal with some exes that were not the right kind of guys for that ( not taking time. Just wanting to feel dominant etc...). So after years of nothing I'm rediscovering it with my bf that is lucky size wise
So he forces me to take my time and not rush to be sure I won't hurt...
And I'm completely addicted to that now cause it's AMAZZINGGG

So I ask those questions to get some inspiration :)))


I like to use butt plugs, I have a 4.5 inch glass plug. Yes it's as wide as it sounds! I then had a Gspot and clit attachment for my wand and this turns me into a delicious mess. the plug enhances my orgasm a lot.

I start with one of my plugs or some beads then move on to a dildo, normally with a suction cup, when I want something a bit thicker or deeper. I very rarely go straight in for a dildo it always starts with fingers, tapered plugs or beads. It always ends well, very well.

As I'm well used to big toys this is my go to toy;

Yes its big but feels great, stick it on the side of the bath or loo seat and just sit on it, also have a kids plastic bucket, thats a good thing to put your toys on, then if you're kneeling down you can sit/rock on it with your legs flat on the floor, after play I can fit my whole hand in my bum, would like my oh to fist me which should be no problem?

I have a selection of glass toys that I use for bum fun almost daily! MY most used toy is probably this

My absolute favourite toy, and the one that isnearly guaranteed to give me an anal orgas is the Lelo Loki prostate massager. It is just fantastic in so many ways it is hard to pinpoint just one reasons, but jt makes me cum in a matter of minutes,

Usually these

followed by this

and then this to finish off with

Masturbation is a great way to get into anal, because it's much easier to control things when you do it yourself.

It's also a great way to "warm-up" for anal sex, and you can put on a great show for your partner whislt you're at it!

love dp with my toys, one suction cup dildo bout 6" and my rabbit, i'm quivvering now at the thought.