Anal orgasm!

My best most recent orgasm was after a very drink filled night on the town, we didnt even make it through the door! and when we did it was great. was very unexpected! we have it doggy style for a bit and then went for the anal. We did it in front of my hallway mirror, was great to see ;-) I had a really intense orgasm!! Which he loved to see xx

u kinky bitch i love it

my first anal orgasm was some time ago man managed to get our biggest jelly dildo's helmet into my arse.boy it felt huge.gently it moved .the next thing i knew he had turned it on i screamed and squirted so much i could'nt belive it

Anal orgasms always suprise me for some reason. I think it's cos in a lady theres nothing up there that should provide orgasm, then I find myself getting really exicted by how plain dirty it is, and then all I have to do is climb on top and voila! Orgasm!

Kinky Kate I'm so jealous... I love sex infrount of mirrors but ours broke... we are getting some of those cheesey walldrobes with huge full lengnth mirrors........congrats btw on your what sounds like a fantastic night!

I have a dear significant other who recently achieved her first ever anal orgasm when l drilled her ass over the back of our huge sofa, true she did have a glass dildo in her pussy at the time, but all in all a real scream !!!! Did write a review for the glass dildo at the time. tallboy.

Hi Laynie, if wardrobes cheesy then please wear builders helmet as glass mirrors are sometimes stuck on with double sided sticky tape. Had one once and still working my way through 14 years of bad luck- yep two of the things fell off and smashed. Stil the resultant heart attack saw off my first wife so not altogether a disaster as she was replaced by a sex machine !!!
Every cloud eh !!
Would't like to see you cut down any more than you already are - what with you having ducks disease and all that.
Lots of hugs xx