anal play

i am male and i want to experence an orgasm but by means of not using a dildo or butt plug could anyone think of anyother household items that could be use instead?

Well, uh "carrot man", you could try using a carrot. But be careful using household items for anal penetration - stay away from anything that could possibly break (ouch!) or that doesn't have a flared base (because it's not fun explainning to the ER staff why you have something stuck up your ass)

you can use a cucumber carrot

Buy a vibrator - they work!

Is it just house hold things you wanna use or... are you willing to look at everything else, is it size or length? Bum beads are good if ur willing to look at sex toys, there are also probes that arent as thick as some butt plugs, Let us know how you get on!!

getting away from the food thing cause that can sometimes be dodgy as it could break depending on wot u use. i could name some unusaul things for example a small (or large depending on what you can take) shampoo/shower gel bottle, (bottom end first u dont want to be explaining why you have a lid stuck do u) umm a rolling pin the type without handles otherwise that could be painfull!! just have a look around your home ud be suprised what you can use!!! if all else fails try toys they do work!

Really, though, if you aren't using your fingers (which, with a little lube--especially a warming lube--can be a lot of fun on their own) you really are better of sticking with toys specifically meant for anal play.

It is not a joke how many people end up in the ER (or A&E for the English folks) needing to have something removed from their rectum, or with perforated colons. Seriously, it is far better to spend a few bucks and save yourself the pain and embarrassment. Also, toys are more fun because they're perfectly shaped to really hit your buttons.

Best of luck. :)

you could always use a candle, dont use the big fat ones thou that will hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!

One possiblilty for you is a screw driver (handle first) I can vouch that this is quite fun and also they come in different sizes and usually rubber so they can be lubed up.
Hope this helps

I once had a rather Dom GF who possessed a kinky ass-fetish. She used various things on my ass. One of her favorites was the handle of a small duster. The handle was no bigger or wider than some vibes, so it worked out nicely.

Hairbrush handle.... Or if youve got a smoothy maker use the swizzel stick that comes with it!!!

A cooking utensil, but one with an appropriately shaped handle.

shaver handle? erm spoon handle anything thats smooth and clean! lol iv not adventured down that road yet so i guess anything thats small enough to go in but long enough to get back out! you dont want to be in A&E with all the nurses looking up your back passage!

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Only the other day an anaesthetist showed me a pic of an x-ray on his mobile phone; of a guy who had a 10" vibe well and truly lost up his arse. So do play ..... but with some caution ...... It alway gets a laugh in A&E ..... know that!

*giggles* poor bloke. That can't have been very fun.