anal recommendations/advice?

My girlfriend and i love anal sex. We have been doing it very regularly for some 2 years. I want some advice on how i really stretch her ass out. I want her to have a massive gape and if its possible i want her to gape all the time. She has a large Falcon butt plug and i am going to buy her an extra thick dildo. My fantasy is to have a very big dildo in her ass with my cock as well, double anal. Also any advice on very wide dildos/plugs that arent necessarily very long.

hi jabbylove have you had a look at thay may be what your looking for.? let us know what you think. hope this helps.

Thanks for reply. What i really want is advice on how to really stretch out my grlfriends ass and some tips on what dildos/plugs to buy. I want ones which are very wide but not so long.

You want to talk to Bi Bath Guy - he seems to be something of an expert on large anal toys!