Anal sex- any tips?

I have had anal sex before but when I did, it hurt. I would like to try it with my new boyfriend but am quite nervous.

Any tips on what toys to try out first or how to go about it?

Thanks x

I found it easier after vaginal sex, when i'd climaxed and he hadn't so I was relaxed and incredibly turned on, lubed up and spooning so it was like a safe cuddle kind of thing, and i could control the depth and rhythm :) As it was just after vaginal sex, it didn't take long for him to cum so it was a very short sesh, perfect for an introduction to anal :p

The key is to be relaxed, the more you worry it will hurt, the more it will. Just make sure everything is at your pace and only go as far as you feel comfortable with, even if it means approaching it in stages. It's meant to be sexy, not scary :) Hope you enjoy it! Some of the best sex of my life has been anal! :D

Just been browsing the £5 sale, there's a couple of beginner anal toys on there, might be worth reading a few reviews? :)

Hi have you had a look at the "five easy steps guide" in the lovehoney blog. There's also plenty of good advice in old forum threads and I can recommend the Ann Adrianni website on my profile page. Hope this helps

Here's the blog post :-)

We also have a Beginner's Guide to Anal Sex Toys and a Guide to First Time Anal Play that you might find helpful.

Gemma Xx

My best advice is LOTS of lube. Take your time and don't rush it.... use fingers first to help loosen you up a bit. Be relaxed and try not to be all tense. And always let YOU be in control and not him. Very important that! That way, if you feel any pain or discomfort then you can stop it or adjust it at any time. Plus.... if it's his first time at anal... then it won't take him long to cum at all. Lol.

Hoping it goes amazing for you! Yay! x x x x

yeah just use a lot of lube and take your time, try with different positions and do what feels best for you. I always find I am more receptive to anal play once I have had an orgasm so maybe try that? Either way once you get there you will never go back ^^ xx

I am fairly new to anal play / sex. It is definitely easier since purchasing a butt plug. i do not tend to need much lube, but if is much easier to insert things after using lube.

Once past the spincter its fun, fun,fun.

Bottom line (sic) lube, and lots of it.

I'm sure the guide Gemma posted is very good.

Over a period of time, try getting your bf to slowly insert a finger or small toy and then gradually go for something slightly bigger (more fingers / bigger toys) so that you get used to something which is roughly the same size as his penis.

And, get your bf to play with your clit so you're turned on / relaxed etc.