Anal sex For Guys.. xx

Hi Guys,,

Just a quick post on how I fully recomend All the horny couples on here & Guys that they try to introduce Anal Play into your sex life, so I thought Id share some knowledge for you Guys & Girls who want to try Anal Sex.

Now, first and foremost, to get ready for anal sex, you gotta loosen up your ass. Try inserting a lubed finger up your butt and move it in and out. Once you get used to the feeling, stick a second finger up there and move 'em in and out again.

Try this for 15 minutes each day for a few days, then start using a dildo. You can buy one from here.! Pick up a bottle of lube and start experiment with the dildo.

You may find it necessary to set a good mood for this. Watch some Porn( I personaly like watching bisexual & gay porn to get me into the anal mood, I also recomend Femdom were she is dominating hm & fucking him with a stap-on, but each unto there own.

When it's time to play, lube up the dildo with a generous amount of lube. Put a drop or two on your asshole and rub it in. Stick one or two fingers inside and move 'em in and out like you've done before. After about 7 minutes, take your dildo and start rubbing it against the crack of your ass. Then, slowly stick the head inside. Once you've gotten used to that sensation, try pushing some more in. Don't push it all in at once, just do it slowly in short increments.

Once you have it all in there, just lay there and relax. Try squeezing your sphincter muscles around it. You may want to lube up your cock and begin jacking off. As one hand works on your aching cock, use your other hand to gently move the dildo in and out. Don't pull it all the way out, just pull it until just the head is inside, then push it back in. You may feel the head of your dildo press against your prostate. That'll definitely make your cock jump with excitement. Or having your parnter there would make it easier.. ;)

Start jacking off faster and fucking yourself with the dildo faster. You'll start to feel that exquisite sensation of your balls churning, and your cock becomes fully engorged. Keep going until you start shooting off. When you cum, you'll notice that your sphincter muscles will cling and clench the dildo for each spasm you have when you're coming. You may even have a stronger orgasm doing this. If so, good for you!

After doing this a few times, you might want to experiment with a strap-on or , you can begin looking for a Male fuck buddy. You'll notice that when he fucks you, you'll be able to take it all. Now remember, when you're buying a dildo to do this exercise with, don't go out and buy one of those foot-long monsters that some of those “stunt artists” can take in. Start small. Buy a dildo that is somewhere between 5 ½ to 7 inches long.

Now that you've mastered the preparatory exercise, find a partner and get busy! Over time, you'll want your partner to experiment with different positions. Now that is another post..

If you need any more advise or a helping hand just plz get in touch