Anal to make it hurt less??

Right, my boyfriend and I enjoy anal sex every so often but we'd both love ot do it more frequently. We tried using an Ann Summers anal lube which was excellent to begin with, however as time went on, anal play and sex began to become uncomfortable. I could usually manage two fingers but not him inside me.

Upon descovering LH, we wanted to purchase a decent anal lube asap, so we went with the Maximus Anal Lube and got to work straight away. It seemed to be fine until suddenly it became quite painful, yet my boyfriend told me he was all the way in (usually it hurts as he enters me).

Also, sometimes I am really in the mood for it and when this happens it affects my confidence as well as my sex drive.

I would be really appreciative if anyone could help me or give me any tips to make anal play better? We have recently bought anal beads that start with a larger bead instead of a smaller one, I enjoy these therefore I really want to try and sort this issue!!

Thank you for your comments and advice, I really appreciate it and I know my OH will too!

Laura xx

Hey :) To start with I would say your on the right track I am also quite new to anal play but Lube is massively important for me! I was having the same trouble as you also and found that a begginers butt plug helped so much, it is thinner than maybe 2 fingers but the fact that you can leave it in for as long as you like and do whatever you want to do whether it be foreplay or housework I think helped totally....Now I usually get my partner to insert it during foreplay and by the time we get to 'more' with some more lube it will generally work. I am under no illusion that this will be the answer to all your prayers but that is my experiance as of yet and I am sure more people will respond to you :) good luck! xx

I totally missed out a whole section of your post there...The anal beads part....I also have a set of anal beads, thank you LH!!! and honestly they are great too I usually start with the plug then use the beads etc. ;)

hi thanks for your reply! yes I will give that a go and see if it works! It's annoying and disheartening when you're up for it and then it doesn't work out how you both want it to! But thank you! xx

Yes I can totally relate there! It took quite a long time for us to really say we could enjoy it fully together! keep doing what your doing it will work out :) xx

These are what I have :) Obviously there is a wide selection here but everything I have got from the tracey cox range has been brill and the plug comes with a how to guide :) xx

aww thanks for your help, i'll give these a try! anything that will help it! :) xx

I did a fair bit of research to be honest it started to get to me! I do hope I have helped and if so it would be nice to know your doing well!! :) xx

You really have thanks! I'll let you know how it goes!! xx

Yup, TONS of lube is a good place to start. When you think you have enough, add more.

The key to comfortable anal is being relaxed, in my experience -- I always feel more comfortable with less pain when I've had an orgasm or two beforehand, usually with a butt plug in to get me used to the feeling :) Taking things really slowly helps too -- when my partner is penetrating me, he doesn't move at all, he lets me push back at my own speed until I'm comfortable before he starts to thrust, which again he does really slowly, building up to a faster speed as he goes along.

Basically, slow and steady wins the (anal) race!

See I told you....more great advice :D!!

Hi, I would agree with everthing above, just to add that if you have experienced some pain that is a sign to stop and go back a few steps. It is a good idea to avoid anal for a few days to make sure any soreness has completely healed itself.

Also, I have used Maximus in the past. It was fine to begin with, but later on I experienced a painful stinging sensation when I used it. I use various other lubes now and have not had any more problems.

Take it easy and have fun

relaxed and relaxed and relaxed & relaxed and more relaxed....

good mod understanding OH and lube....

party on



I really didn't like anal beads but butt plugs are great if you use them during sex. You'll be more relaxed and the sensation of your partner moving the butt plug in and out whilst he's fucking you is AMAZING! xx

Hi Laura

As many others have suggested it's important to be relaxed, ready and well-lubed before anal play of any kind.

Having an orgasm beforehand can help those relaxation levels. :-)

We have a blog post called 'Five Easy Steps to First-Time Anal Sex' which might be able to help further.


Thanks everyone for your great comments!! Really pleased with the answers so thank you, I will use all of your advice! Thanks again :)

Laura xx