Anal Sex - Hurts!

Hi, Sorry if there’s already a thread for this. I’m a gay man who is married, I’ve had anal sex for god knows how many years! I absolutely love the feeling, and always wanting more! Recently I don’t know what has happened but I no longer have any joy for anal sex. It seems to hurt really bad, and it feels like I’m tearing inside. I’ve stopped anal sex now for a few weeks, but wonder if anyone else has had this issue and know how to overcome it? Thank you

Hi Lord N,

I am a striaght...ish male who has indulged in anal play, I am however no expert on the matter.

What I would say, as you have been experiencing pain on insertion to you rectal canal, go to your GP have him or her take a sample and send it of for tests.

There are numerous amounts of reasons why the anus can become painful where as it had not been before, infections ect. Your GP will be best to deal with your issue.

Could you possibly have a tear? I've had a vaginal tear and it made sex almost unbearable but I managed to heal it properly. I kept wearing kegel weights so the tear in my vagina healed into itself instead of 2 split sides healing together and re-tearing. If it is a tear, I'm not sure what type it would be but I know my tear looked like "V" and would seal together like "I", so I had to keep it open so it healed like "V". (sorry, if that makes no sense).

I wouldn't suggest kegels for the anus but do you have any butt plugs or toys you could use to do a similar thing?

If it's not a tear, you may need to see a doctor just to be on the safe side.

Good luck.

I'd echo other people's comments of popping to see your GP. 👍

I agree with everyone else, you should see a doctor. It might be a small tear that will heal on its own, it might be some irritation because of your diet, medications etc, or it might be something else. Better to ask a professional so you can be on the safe side. =)

Ian Chimp wrote:

I'd echo other people's comments of popping to see your GP. 👍

I read this as pooping...

Definitely consult your GP as this is an occurrence which you have not had from previous anal penetration. Best be careful and get an expert to look at it.

I agree with others - time for a trip to your GP.

They have seen and heard everything, so please don't be embarrassed.

I started to find vaginal sex very painful a few years ago - so much so that we just had to stop each time - which didn't encourage us to keep trying! In my case it was the start of an early but natural menopause - so extra lube and estrogen suppositories really helped. So did using a little syringe to put the lube where it would be most useful.

So it may not be a big health problem, if you are worried. It could be hormonal changes, stress etc. But best to let your GP be the guide - hopefully the solution too.

A referral to a sexual health clinic - as I had a year later to sort out hrt - could be very helpful. Good luck!

Anything like this is a red flag.Get yourself to your GP or STI clinic ASAP.The people there are professionals and always helpful.Best be safe.Good luck.