anal toy virgin

Hi, just wondered if anyone had any advice, Im kind of new to sex toys for men and always wanted to try an anal toy. Just wondered what toy people would recommend for starters, theres no point me going out and buying a massive dildo and then finding i should have bought something else first. Look forward to your advice.

This might be a good place to start, especially as it's in the sale. It looks like there's a nice variety here so if you're not too keen on one sensation then another might appeal to you.

Hi there! I would always recommend a small butt plug to start, it's a good way to get used to the sensation of having something up there as he learn to relax. I started with this one but have also seen this recommended a lot.

The set above does look good to explore but my preference is for silicone, particularly for anal, as it's easier to clean thoroughly (non porous)

Don't forget plenty of lube, I like the Lovehoney discover one.

This is probably one of the best starting plugs, yes it says medium but I bet it wouldn't be a problem maybe after a few goes?

I started using this one My Mrs even gave it a go a few times

Only just started myself, after my curiosity got the better of me. I started with the Tracey Cox beginner plug. Found it very easy to use, and after a bit of advice from others here and relaxing it worked a treat. A nice size to start with.

How about a set like this

Start small and progress at your own pace

hey thanks i was looking at getting this

but will take everyones thoughts and see which one looks best.

raztaz17 wrote:

hey thanks i was looking at getting this

but will take everyones thoughts and see which one looks best.

I have that one and haven't used it much to be honest (you've reminded to dig it out soon and give it another spin) you might find that a little girthy for a beginner, if you want something with a suction cup I would go for something slimmer but longer, it will be easier to use as this is ok for a plug but not very easy for thrusting or riding.

this is defo for beginners and is very good for getting used to anal play, as always just lube up plenty before hand. Also if looking to go bigger then maybe try to help assist.

And if you need any more background info there's lots of guides and blog posts you can have a read of. 🙂

Hope this helps 🙂

Amy A thanks for the info i'll by pass the black dildo if you think the girth is too early, defo going to buy a small one as recommended by Boomplus and trying this as you only live once. Thanks everyone