Anal toys

Hi, me and my partner are looking at buying a new anal toy but we are unsure which would be best to use. Would a ‘double ended dildo’ or ‘strapless strap on’ work best for the guy to wear it in his anus and have sex with the girl, his penis in her vagina and the sex toy in her anus?
Thank you in advance.


Something like the above might work


Completely agree with @Craig1234 . A strapless strap on definitely wouldn’t work how you’re describing, it couldn’t reach where it needed to and I think you’d struggle with a double ended dildo used that way too though I don’t have personal experience with the latter.

I think a double penetration cock ring style like the one above works well. We have this one and it’s great! There’s a few to choose from on Lovehoney.

For you both to be experiencing anal pleasure, I’d go with one of those and a vibrating plug or prostate massager for yourself.


Thank you both for the replies, the cock ring strapon sounds the best bet with butt plugs.

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Ooooh I really want to try one of these - not a bad price either :money_mouth_face:


I don’t have one either :rofl::rofl::rofl:

We’ve actually decided to buy rather alot of things after posting on here :joy:
We’ve gone for an 18" double ended dildo, lingerie off lovehoney and a wand for my partner. Happy New year all round :grin: