Anal Vibe

Hey everyone!

Me and the OH are really getting into anal play recently. He handles things up there very well. Until now, we've just been experimenting with my toys and we've found he loves vibrations most of all.
So, what I'm looking for is a inexpensive anal vibe to try out, something designed for prostate massage that also vibrates and isn't too thick.

Any recommendations?

You can check the vibrating butt plugs if one picks your fancy.

Or you can check the prostate massagers list

Some are not that expensive.

I also know some men use vibrators designed for female to use as prostate massagers, especially toys disigned for G spot stimulation. I would just make sure it has good handle so it does not slip out of your hand. Obviously I would not use bullet for internal anal stimulation, as retrieval would be difficult.

Laveila wrote:

I would not use bullet for internal anal stimulation, as retrieval would be difficult.

Difficult but fun

How about trying some vibrating anal
Beads for a new sensation

I agree with Vixen, they are inexpensive compared to most of the vibrating prostate massagers, can be angled so finding the prostate is never a problem and they are not to thick either. Even if not used for that purpose you'll both have a great set of beads to add to the collection.

I know you said that you were looking for male prostrate vibrators but I have found them rather disappointing in the past but I can recommend this. I bought it originally for the wife and it produces some amazing strong vibes so is great for vaginal as well as anal play.

Whilst not a vibrator this glass dildo is absolutely amazing. The ribbed end is great for popping your ass but the nobley ball end is fantastic for hitting the prostrate. This actually has me leaking cum without even being masturbated. I have to say that I love it and the wife is loving abusing me with it. It is shown as out of stock at the moment but it is worth the wait.

Have a nosey at

LH selection of male toys

These look very good but not too expensive to try out