Anal Virgin

So me and by boyfriend have talked about Anal, i've only had his fingers in me twice, both which were suprises as i had no idea he was going to do it. It felt so weird but i kind of enjoyed it. The problem is, i'm scared that something may come out >_< has this ever happened to anyone?

And do you have any suggestions to what i can use i.e the right types of lubes and on average how long it took to take your partner?

Thanks a bunch

To prevent anything coming out so to speak it is best to use a douche or enema before to prevent this happening.

Many people use lube specifically for anal play, but i just use a normal lubricant and have found it no different.

The best way i found to working up to anl play was by using these butt plugs

Just rember to elax and use lots of lube

Good Luck! :)

Hi FreakyStormy,

We would highly recommend this lubricant for anal play it certainly does wonder's.

Thanks guys, i will look into these

Douches are a must have! Without them you can never be truly clean. Personally I use a water-based lube specifically for anal, it's a little thicker than normal water based but not too much different. Here's some examples of what I use!



Small plug:

Bigger plug:

Just make sure to use lots of lube, be safe and have fun! If something doesn't feel comfortable it probably isn't good for your body.