I’m a 27yr old girl and I have never properly done anal, how enjoyable is it? I have never enjoyed it.. am I missing out! Should I try it!?

I enjoy it a lot, its a different sensation and adds a kink to things. By all means try it but make sure you try it with the right guy/person. Right being, theyre patient with you. They need to be patient because anal takes time to get it right and for it to be pleasurable. Experiment with butt plugs first. Get yourself used to the sensation of something being in there first.

Lovehoney have a few guides that you may find useful.

Hope these help 🙂

@Fun Lauren my wife and I have just started anal. It is such good fun, would defo recommend 👍 but as SquirtyPanda says, you gotta be patient and go slowly...well to start with anyway!!

If you're not comfortable with the full monty, you can try using a buttplug during vaginal sex. Still fun. Experiment during masturbation with a vibrator or dildo first.

Try it solo first......using your fingers and a bottle of lube. It's an odd sensation and you'll find it easier to get used to if your in full control of what's going on. Once your comfortable you can progress to toys and then onto full anal sex when you (and your partner) are ready.

I love anal and can orgasm from it fairly easily. It's like most things.... practice makes perfect xx

Personally I'm not a big fan of receiving anal. I will rarely let my partner penetrate me anally, be it with his penis or a dildo. Sometimes I really enjoy wearing a butt plug during sex or play, though!

Your post said you never enjoyed it. I dont know what the circumstances were you trying it. But if it was boyfriend asking you, say, to try it whilst drunk with a quick shove up your arse then yeah i wouldnt be suprised i you did not enjoy it and never wanted to do it again.

However if you have a OH thats attentive and wants to do it with you to get you off then i would say go for it! You really need someone who will work with you and take it slowly and is kind, tolerant and willing to work up to it. Its something that takes time to get used to. The feelings are weird at first (it only hurts if its being done wrong) and you have to perserve to get it feeling good.

As the other posters have said, get to know your own body first, get a begineers plug and get use to the feeling of it being inside you. Try and masturbate when its in. Dont give up straight away give it time, you may never like it but you need to try it a few times to be sure.

I second the recommendation to have some solo time with a couple of butt plugs. My first anal experience was not that good. Over enthusiastic insertion with insufficient lubrication and the result was painful. After a number of solo practices I felt that I could take him inside with plenty of lube of course!! You do need to size up on your butt plugs to stretch yourself enough to comfortably take him but don’t worry you won’t damage yourself. Practice, lube and more lube and patience will lead to much pleasure. Enjoy!