Hi all new to all of this . we are hoping to enjoy and have fun with toys that we will be ordering

Hello and welcome.

Enjoy your time here and of course have fun with your toys!

Hello and welcome to the forum 😄

thank you both

Hello and welcome - you are sure to have fun xxxx

thanks thats what we are hoping for ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

Hello and welcome! Have fun and if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

Hello and welcome! What toys are you interested in?

its mostly toys for my wife ....she is a bit shy on these things so has a small bullet just now that she loves and wants to try others ....she had a rabbit but didnt like it

Ah ok. Always start off gentle and work your way up! You not into toys for yourself?

Ive never tried them but Im open to suggestions lol

Welcome to the forum!

thanks Rosycheek

Hi and welcome to the forums xx

Hi Terri JJ and thanks to all for the warm welcome ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Hi and welcome to the forums.

These are a good place to start for male toys.

thanks Bondagegod

Hi & welcome!!!

Hello and welcome to the forum

Hi and a friendly welcome