Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager - Nasty seam

Dear All

Has anyone else on here ever used/owns a Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager? I've heard so many things about them, so I finally went for it. I've had several long sessions now with no joy at all (I've been to their forum, I'm relaxed, I take my time, several hours this morning was the last) and I'm starting to question the quality of my one.

It's essentially just a stick of plastic. Mine has this really nasty seam on the handle bits where the two bits of plastic have been joined. It's quite sharp. The seam then continues across the entire toy (not as badly, but you can feel it, even with a finger) and after prolonged use, starts to put me off. It almost feels like it's cutting a little.

Once out, my insides actually hurt a little. Now, whether this is due to being pressed up against my insides, slowly rubbing for quite a long time, or due to the seam, I'm unsure. But the "wave of pleasure" and "excellent quality" I've read about doesn't seem right to me.

Could any owners confirm that these things should or shouldn't exist.

Cheers gang.

There should be no seams — and if there are any, the toy qualifies as a throwaway, imo. I had a few like this, and particularly those made of hard materials like asphalt can be a literal pain in the butt. In a word: toss it ;)

I'll contact them now. Just wanted to make sure I had a duff product before asking for anything from LH.

I use one of these now as you our your OH can direct it onto your prostate. I had used a prostate rude boy vibe but found whilst they are pleasant you cannot get enough pressure. We are all slightly different and enjoy different things with this you can vary the stimulation.