Aneros MGX Prostate Massager

If you have problems getting to grips with your Aneros MGX Prostate Massager, you might find it helpful to check out some of the discussion forums and help pages at

Anyone got any good tips to share here?

Interesting link. I know my boy was less than impressed with the aneros, despite otherwise enjoying anal play.

I will point him in the direction of that site and see if he feels like reviving his aneros for the purposes of research.

I suppose in this consumer age, lots of us expect instant gratification; if what their website says is true, then this is one of those toys which requires a bit of practice before you get your perfect orgasm....or is this just marketing schpiel to cover up the fact that it's a less-than-great toy? We'll see....

I tried the aneros on my partner but he said he hated feeling like he needed to pee constantly and like he needed a dump too... he's not too keen on trying it again

I was looking for a 61st birthday present in a sex shop, and the boy behind the counter recommended the aneros with great enthusiasm. The recipient was very pleased with it too, but it does take patience. It doesn't seem like one to try with a partner as far as I'm concerned, since using your hands sounds like it would spoil it.

One or two people asking re this stuff at the moment, so here are a few oldies so called with info, Ricard isn't an oldie l would just like to point out, and l should know ha ha.