Annonymous confessions

so listening to Capital fm, they do annonymous confession, todays is " what have you done this year that you are not proud of?"

mine is

I was seeing a bloke and finished it last week (only a month in), but he is apparently devastated and texting me constantly. then i got asked out on a date saturday by old friend, which turned out to be fab, but feel really bad having fun whilst other bloke is upset.

(also i ate one of those massive bars of chocolate with the sweetie bits in to myself! what a hog!)

(posted in wrong forum = sorry!)

Aww Avrielle I know you are very worried about the cat but I have to say when you look at it this way, its rather sad of him: Its the one last thing he has to hold over you, the one last thing he knows will annoy and upset you and as such, hes gunna run with it and use it to his advantage the best he can because hes sat all alone and bitter in the house trying to find ways to hurt you and he can't anymore. The last thing he has over you is to not tell you about the cat and he thinks he is being so cocky using it against you. Erghhh pathetic, sorry but that was your cat too and he sounds like a complete arse not telling you. Good luck hun xx