Another hello!

I have been lurking on the forum for a while and thought it was about time to say hello. I am not so great at posting and a little shy when it comes to sex talk but felt I really had to post at the very least to say thanks to everyone here for all the great topics.

Since I have discovered the Love Honey website and community I have been much more adventurous in the bedroom department (well ok my standard of adventourous may still be quite timid but I am now much more willing to give things a try).

Anyway am happily married and always looking for new ways to spice things up a little! Am currently enjoying the whole being tied up thing but new ideas are always good and there seem to be plenty around here!


Hello Everis! Welcome to the forums doll :-)

I too enjoy a nice bit of bondage and being tied up, try adding the odd playful spank into things! Its mighty fun!

Look forward to seeing you and your forum posts around more.

xxxxxxxxxxxx ~Kitty McP

Hello and welcome Everis!

I'm glad this place has helped you out - there are people from all walks of "kink" here so I shouldn't worry about "timid" some of us are more vanilla than others but all of us are nice :)


Hi Everis,

Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy it here, am sure you will, and like you say, its great for adventurous ideas to add a little bit of spice

MTC xx

Hi Everis

Welcome to the forums! Glad you got the courage to say hi!



Don't you dare use that embarrassed smiley here, especially over something do mundane!

Hope we see you around posting!

Welcome to the OA, Everis.

Hi Everis! I'm glad that the forums have been a help to you. Hope to see you around x

Hiya Everis and welcome to the forums. Hope to see you around! SG x

Welcome, I hope you realise that by joining these forums you've already set yourself on a path of more and more adventurous sex. If you enjoy a bit of bondage try looking up some of the Sportsheets products as I have their under bed restraints and now their thigh & wrist restraints which I've yet to test but they both ooze quality.

I have my eyes on a few more Sportsheet products as well, I think I am going to head down the path of light bondage which I would have never have guessed.

Bondage is fun to anyone who's thinking of trying it! Lots and lots of fun :P


Halloo and welcome the weird and wonderful OA


Hi Everis and welcome to the orgasm army!

I can't recommend the Rocks Off ammunition bullets enough. This would be the best for you to start off with as it is smaller and slightly less powerful, but still is amazingly orgasmic for both partners.