another nightmare, small cup large tum

I would love to be able to wear sexy lingerie but have yet to find anything that flatters my figure so thought i'd ask if anyone else has same issue.
Going by measurements i am a 38a (b on a good day) up top but my stomach after having 2 kids is big and flabby and more like a size 18.
I have bought corsets and all sorts of teddys previously to fit my top but none actually go around my tum or waist. If i buy anything in a size 18 that may fit my middle then I just know that I will have 2 empty cups up top.
Anyone else this shape and found anything that fits well and looks good?

Hi mrs sorry to hear your trouble ive had 3 kids myself so suffer in the tummy area my boobs are a 36d

maybe try a floaty baby doll something halter neck possibly

sorry couldn't be more help

thanks, yummy mummy, I shall keep hunting and in the meantime I hope that one day I may fit into all the lovely items I bought on a whim lol

I am having a crisis with my tum, too. Needs toning up after having had 1 child. My thighs are toned, but my tummy...need to sort it out before having sexual fun with fwb

Hi MrsMuffin, I certainly know where your coming from with the tummy problem, I've had three kids and a hyst so I'm a bit self concious of my tum too. I would echo yummy mummy's suggestion of a baby doll because they're floaty they gently disguise the problem area but still look sexy.
It takes a really long time for some of us to get our tummy's back, I'm still trying and my youngest is 21!

my youngest is 6, but both were huge babies and my tummy will never go back (not that it was flat to start with). But i need a very padded bra to even have a chance of my boobs sticking out beyond my tum nowadays and most floating things dont have the padding I need, sadly

Being male with boobs I'm pretty much the shape you are, Mrs Muffin. I too rely on padded bras to stick out further than my stomach but I also use chicken fillet enhancers as a bra big enough to go round the bottom of my boobs usually has too much space in the cup for me to fill. Even as a man I like to have something that stick out further than my belly!

I don't usually go for floaty stuff but I have done and still wear corsets - an overbust corset is good with small boobs because they tend to flatten them a bit anyway. Alternatively, if you wear an underbust corset with a bra above and pants below, that can be pretty good, too.

Then again, any see-through top over a nice bra will look good, even if it's not specifically designed as boudoir wear. I've got a well-oversized top which is like that; it's back and white spots, but if it were all black or perhaps purple, with a dark lacy padded bra underneath I think that would be a good look fro bedroom fun. And I have a see-through black top I got from Tesco's for about a fiver that really does show off a bright bra.

Yet another direction would be a sexy padded bra in black or red, say, over a partly buttoned up man's shirt in crisp white. I know the shirt isn't lingerie, but the bra and pants are and if it's one of your OH's shirts so much the better.

Hope there's an idea or two there you can use.

I agree with Mr Pink. Underbust corset is the way to go. It will push your breasts up so you could go bra-less or wear a sexy padded bra with the corset.

Very high waisted knickers is another direction you could go in.

I've also found that a good bodystocking flatters everywhere. You would think that they would highlight the lumps and bumps but they really dont.

How about this Bustier or a Chemise.

Have a nose at LH buying guide to help with find a style that may suit you

How about something with a little stretch in it, so you can get something that goes over the tummy without gaiping on top, or anything with cut out cups may accentuate you're shape.


subbysam wrote:

How about something with a little stretch in it, so you can get something that goes over the tummy without gaiping on top, or anything with cut out cups may accentuate you're shape.


for some reason that link doesnt work.

Thanks all, I shall maybe brave a chemise and see what that does, they all look gorgeous in the photos. Love the idea of bra and shirt, though OHs shirts would be way to be for me lol

oops double post

how about trying a body stocking?

Hope you find something suitable x