Another order placed

I'm starting to think I might need a bigger bank account anyone else just can't stop ordering or is it just me? another order placed.

It comes very in handy hubby having his own lh account so he can create wish lists, I then look at it, order on mine and then tell him I've done so. This time I've got 4 items , 2 from his wishlist ! It's a good job its next day delivery he hates waiting to find out what I've ordered lol

I placed an order yesterday and just received it. The OH is at work and doesn't know about it but will find out about the latest extension to my underwear collection. Hope she likes the 2 additions. She'll see one tonight and the other tomorrow

I know exactly what you mean can’t stop ordering even when I can only just afford it. Thank god for special offers and discounts. They’re amazing!

I have a separate savings account which I send £50 to each time I get paid and it’s titled “Lovehoney fund” as we can’t get enough of toys. Still looking at the Riley Reid flashlights but my partner wants me to chuck a few toys away before I get the set 😅.

Glad I'm not alone lol. It's the special offers that got me again but I won't complain !

I love the idea of a savings fund but no way will I throw toys away lol I think we recently parted with one toy only because we both agreed it wasn't for us and the newer toys was much better lol

Lovehoney is really addictive,and have you noticed how a special offer that you like always appears just after you have placed an order.

Haha yes I have and it's usually right when I can't afford to have it then I just have to hope it goes on offer again

Hi my names Cheesecake and I'm a Lovehoney addict. There, I've said it! Lol

I daren't look back at my purchase history over the years as I know adding it up would be seriously scary, I've been shopping on here for 10 years on and off but I think things have possibly got a bit out of hand over the last month so I may need to rein things in again! On the plus side I've just booked a day off for me and NP and ordered some new toys so it should be a good day on Tuesday!