Another review missing

About 'Me So horny' cream (fyi- it was shite).

Is this just a problem with my reviews or is anyone else finding this happening?

Aw no! I think mine are fine. Email OA.

Teeheehee... I just finished my Me So Horney review, too. And it was shite. My review hasn't appeared yet though, shall keep you posted.

I've never had a review vanish. But sometimes if there are lots in the queue they can take a while to get checked and posted. Remember there are lots more members than there used to be - it must take a while for the OA staff to go through them all. Never had a review altered either - I totally trust OA as being genuine.

crayola! I've just reviewed the cream too and mine's not appeared yet either, although mine was a bit more postive, but I guess now looking back it was the situation not the cream (thought so). Love Bubs.

Anyone got a link for this infamous Me So Horny cream? I got curious from reading the comments above but I can't see it at Lovehoney OR Orgasm Army. I wonder if it was suddendly pulled as a result of the bad press??...

no, it's not up there yet! I was told to add it as a new product when I reviewed it... still no sign of my review, though.

Me too!! I guess they're waiting for everyone to send in their reviews first so they can show a balanced opinion, only it's looking a bit one sided at the moment lol.

I never thought of that- with it being a new product I suppose it will take awhile. I had a review dissapear for my last free one too.

BBG- I googled it when they first sent me it. Try that?

maybe, right, they got samples and want to see what we say before they actually order/stock it. So that's why our reviews aren't coming up.. no point if they're not going to be selling it on the site, right?

@ crayola

Wayhey! I just googled "me so horny" and got a load of pictures of bonking asian coeds and Patty Cake Non Nude Teen (nice braces!)

Result! Still no clearer about the mystery gloop though...

Aha - found it!

Check this out girls - you've been applying garage floor cleaner to your clits! :-O


Here's the braces babe I found earlier - much more interesting!

Oh NO!! Have you seen the proper packaging lol, well Ladies did we look like that using the product !!! I don't think so !! Cheap and cheesey or what. Do you think LoveHoney are n't too sure themselves about stocking this? I'm pretty sure they will be seriously considering how well it will sell on the site, as I'm sure there must be a minimum order for them. Don't bother LoveHoney I've a feeling any money spent will be a waste for you.

Link us to the packaging.

If LH arent sure all I can say is DON'T BOTHER! the packaging is awful really tacky.
Also on If you enlarge both images you'll see why LoveHoney sent out just the tube, knowing what we're all like about the packaging.

Better than it could've been I suppose but still- blergh!

Anyone else think it's also a touch racist?

Racist? Nope. It's just a tacky picture of an oriental woman on a box. Lots of sex toys have tacky pictures of blonde white women on them and they aren't racist either. They're just tacky. This isn't aimed at you crayola, but I think a lot of people imagine "racist" things when there's actually nothing of the sort - it's the way certain politicians have hijacked an agenda for their own political gain. Like schools banning the word "blackboard" for example, in case it offends people with dark skin. Yeah, right! Am I supposed to be offended by Persil adverts now? I actually think it's far more racist and divisive for a person to create non existant tensions than it is for people like me to just go through life treating everyone the same and not making victims out of them.

Anyway, I'm going slightly off topic here in my anti Political Correctness rant here... I need a beer after a long and frustrating week!

Horrible is n't it crayola? Enjoy your beer BBG. Have a GREAT Bank Holiday everyone. Love Bubs.

I suspect that LoveHoney haven't posted the reviews because they were all so crap! I mean what a shite product and a stupid name too, and the stuff stunk... ergh!!

Hi all, the product we sent out for review was so we could gauge feedback and decide whether to stock it or not, so thank you all very much for taking the time to evaluate it for us! As the product doesn't exist on LoveHoney or Orgasm Army the reviews will not be posted here, so you can probably draw your own conclusions about what the reviews said! We do really appreciate your feedback on stuff like this, it helps us avoid stocking sub-standard products!


The Prof