Another update for you......More advice needed please

Seeing as some of you we so kind enough to give your advice to our last post regarding letting my wife sleep with another man, we thought we would update you on what's going on and where stand at this moment in time......

We have posted our ad online, asking for a man to join us, what we are after etc and have been very surprised by the high responses we have had so far.

I don't want to blow my own trumpet, but my Mrs is quite hot anyway and we posted one of her sexiest boudoir shoot pics online and it has generated quite a response (shall we say)

We have taken 3rd party advice elsewhere, and they have advised we take it VERY slowly, one step at a time, don't rush, gradually build a rappor, maybe meet up a few times 1st for coffee, discuss it and go from there.

Firstly just to put you all in the picture so you all understand................We both want this to happen and no matter how hard we try to say ''sod it lets not bother it's too risky'' we cannot shake the idea out of our heads, which surely must mean something is there? 

However at the same time we are also VERY nervous/unsure and a little bit scared I suppose of how I may react and we don't want this to ruin our relationship.

I am assuming, doing it this way is the correct way to go by going slowly, because we were also advised the further we go towards this and the more she gets closer and starts to flirt with him the more we'll find out and I'm hoping my reaction will tell me which way to go?

Either the green eyed monster will come out, or it's going to totally turn us both on, but I suppose we won't really find that out until the day it happens?

We know how we feel NOW, but that's about the only judgement we can make at the moment.

It's so difficult at the moment, because all we know is what's in our heads, but I suppose come the time and the place I would imagine is very different in reality?

She was talking to someone last night and one minute I'm a bit ''mmm I don't know'' and the next we are both like ''yeah I like this'' and get quite turned on by the idea.

It's like playing a tug of war in your head, one minute we love it, the next we aren't sure, so wandering if we could take some advice of you guys/girls and couples please?

What do we do?

Take the gamble and say ''sod it go on do it'' or no lets not bother?

As I say we really want to enjoy it and if we weren't sure I don't think we would have got this far. I suppose we are just a little aprehensive because it's our first time and need to know if we are doing the right thing?

I know this sounds like a really stupid analogy, but it's a bit like someone with a fear of flying....

You start looking at flights at home (which is the chatting online bit) then you meet in person (which is a bit like taking someone to the airport) and then I make them get on the plane itself (which is the bit where they are going to have sex)

Does that make sense?

Sorry to waffle on a bit, but need to put you all in the picture, so hopefully you have a better understanding, so therefore can help us.

Many thanks everybody, have a great day whatever you are up to today!!!!

Hi jon123 

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