Who has or would like to be in an adult nursing relationship?, Im not sure why but it is a fantasy of mine lately, imagining that my wife would start lactating again and allow me to drink her milk daily, its not in anyway of wanting to be an adult baby etc as that thought would turn me off, It just the though of drinking milk that has come from her body, a bit like licking her pussy when she has come, would anyone else enjoy this either as a fantasy or for real? Have you ever tasted breast milk?, I have on a few occacions and though it tasted very nice.

We'd love to when the time comes, it's not sexual for me, but incredibly intimate

I did have fantasies about this once upon a time. But having nursed a baby, it really turns me off.

Not only is it now strongly associated with the mother/child relationship and NOT anything to do with a partner (be it sexual or just intimate) to me, I found the sensation of nursing very unpleasant. And not just the biting, lol. I would never let a partner do it...the thought makes my skin crawl and makes me feel faintly ill! It was very much one of those harsh realisations of reality to me and it destroyed any chance of a fantasy around it. Practically and emotionally speaking it's just not nice to me at all.

I have had people taste my breast milk though. I made it into (very delicious) ice cream :D

I'm still nursing my 18 month old so hubby often has a taste of milk when we're having sex. He really enjoys it and so do I. The feeling for me is quite different to when the baby feeds, although I enjoy feeding him, having my husband drinking my milk is much more intimate and pleasurable for me.
I've tasted the milk myself and it's very sweet!

I really disliked the taste of my breast milk and found it too painful to breastfeed.

I was unable to breast feed either of my children due to me being on permanent high doses of medication so have never tasted breast milk myself and hubby never had the oppurtunity really - makes me a little sad :(