Answer a question with a song title


Poster 1: What makes you sad

Poster 2: Blue Monday New Order

Then poster 2 would ask a question, and it goes from there.

Have fun!

What's the question ;-)

what are you wearing today

Blue Suede shoes - Elvis P

How are you feeling?

"Feeling Good" - MICHAEL BUBLE

what do you enjoy

Bump 'n Grind - R Kelly

What makes you happy?

Dancin' With Myself - Billy Idol

What do you do for fun

Surfin USA beach boys
Where is best place you have been?

"London" Barry Manilow

what is your fave kind of transport

Imaginary places - Busdriver

What is your dream holiday?

Pure Shores - All Saints

What is your ideal partner like?

So macho - Sinitta

Ideal first date

Friday, I'm in Love - The Cure

Ideal job?

Doctor doctor - UFO

Favourite food

Alphabet Soup- Alex Aiono

Where do you like to have sex

Underneath the Stars - Kate Rusby

What are you doing this weekend?

Feel like makin love - bad company

When was the last time u had sex

Some days ago - Genevieve Pasquier

What is your favorite color?

Last Night (The Strokes)

When you masturbate, what or who do you think of?

oops...Morhius pipped me to HairMuse's question...

in answer to Morthius though, Red - Daniel Merryweather

Still - when you masturbate who or what do you think of?

One Love - Bob Marley

Most annoying habit?