Any advice on anal toys? New to toys!!


I have a very willing girlfriend who is up for pretty much anything. Ive always liked anal play on me but never thought i'd get to do it with her on me but we are now well into doing stuff to me (she doesnt want thre same back though which i will accept).

Basically i like big things in there and she has been fisting me for quite a while. Ideally id like softer ones so as she pushes to hit me skin on skin it wouldnt completely destroy me but i do want the toy wide(or is this not really an issue?) We know want to get some toys involved and a strapon seems the way to go.

Id like to get a double dildo for the harness also so we can both have fun. I have been looking at some things but would prefer get them from Europe if i can as i dont want customs opening them as i may need them delievred discretely to work!? What sites are good for such products?

I had been looking on and have picked out the following: Aneros Helix, Anal Douche (, Red Plug, Medium (the l;areg seems a little big but if this is too small il go that way! -, Silicone Cock & Ball Rings (, Jacques Comfort Cloth Jock-Style Harness (she isnt into thongs/g-strings so this one seems comfortable, thats the most important factor i think for her and also i want to be able to swap the fillers! Is 2 inches too small though in width? Ive never used one so am not sure but i do like wide items! -, Nexus Silicone Double Dildos - ive heard this is a bit small though? and the Boi Next Door Silicone Dildo -

Are there any items similar that anyone can recommend and as i said i'd prefer buy in the EU to avoid customs opening the products up as who knows how they may re-package them!!
Any advice would be great,