Any condom experts out there?

I'm looking for a snug fit condom (draw your own conclusions!) with a plain end, rather than a teat. Can't seem to find one anywhere. Anyone got any suggestions? Would be much appreciated.

Oh - and ribbed as well, or am I just asking way too much?

I think he is asking about a straight-fit, happy, rather than a condom that has the bulb at the tip.

I have a friend (no, seriously, a friend...) who uses when he orders and I've seen that they have a smaller condom variety pack. That might be the way to go to see what works best for you. I've heard good things about the Lifestyles Snugger Fit, but I haven't used them myself.

Here is the link to the variety pack:

I'm afraid that I don't know of any specifically smaller sized ribbed condoms, but I have heard a couple men say that they found that Durex's Pleasuremax (that is the one with bumps and ridges both) tend to run small, so you might give those a go and see if they suit.

mdbirdie, you are a star. Many thanks.

Always a pleasure, toolittlesleep. Helping the world, one well-fitting condom at a time, that's me. :)

You are a giver, Mcb. Keep up the good work.

Ha! You say that in hopes that I'll hook you up from my condom supply, Abbott. :) I know your ways...

mates skyns should do the trick... the closest thing to nothing yet

I'm sure the teet a the end is there to catch the spunk that comes out. Else it has nowhere to really go and it could result in torn condoms, and you don't want that!


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Just testing you there Haha

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