Any condom recommendations

I've been using mates natural condoms for ages now, as I've found them to be "comfortable" to wear (and also very cheap when bought in bulk!). Now I actually hate condoms, but my OH prefers to use them for convenience (not actually for birth control, as she's on the pill anyway). I'd much rather go without, as I find the sensations are so much better, but its not usually an option for me.

I was wondering if any other OH'ers could give any recommendations on condoms that give better sensations for the guy?

we use these

my hubby says that they are the best out there and believe me we have tried lots of them

These are truly amazing

Best we've tried - bought them in Spain because we needed some and trusted Durex, turns out you can't buy them in the UK but you can buy them on LH!

They're great!


Here's my review of the Love condoms


Thanks Ad, definitely worth a look by the sound of it. Although saying any condom is "great" seems unlikely, lol!

I've usually bought them in larger quantities, and it can be a huge cost saving. At the moment I can get 144 mates for £18.95, but I'm wondering if I'm paying for them in lack of sensation.

I think I'm going to try and find a couple of recommended types, and buy a small pack of each before getting a bunch again. I'm being spurred on by my wifey's promise of more sex as her new years resolution. The way things had been going recently the few I had left were going to last the rest of the year anyway.

toycar69 wrote:

Thanks Ad, definitely worth a look by the sound of it. Although saying any condom is "great" seems unlikely, lol!

I rate condoms a lot - when I'm going through a stretch where I'm too sore for sex then they can really slim him down and make him more streamlined so it's good to have that option and not loose too much sensation!

I'd never choose 'em if I could avoid 'em but they can really help!


We aren't using condoms (I've got the implant) but my OH tells me that Trojan are the best he has used. x

Thanks SLM, any particular type? Actually, looking on LH, they all seem to be for "larger men", and I'm just a regular guy, lol.

Feeling inadequate now, you lucky thing!

toycar69 wrote:

Thanks SLM, any particular type? Actually, looking on LH, they all seem to be for "larger men", and I'm just a regular guy, lol.

Feeling inadequate now, you lucky thing!

No reason to feel inadequate TC, my OH is a regular guy too. Regular guys rock

I'm not sure what 'type' it was. I should have added he got them in America and it was before we met. The topic of condoms came up when we first met and I remembered him telling me about the Trojan ones. I can ask my OH more about them if you want and then you could maybe put something in the pander to me thread. You never know! x

, yes we do rock on occasion!

Interesting to hear your regular size guy fits the larger condoms. I guess he has good girth eh?

No he is just a regular size! You definetly got me thinking TC so I had a quick look online and found They do regular fit too! Shame that LH don't stock them. x

at this moment in time i have swapped from durex performa to durex ultra featherlite ... now suffice to say the performa says what it does it increaes your peformaces by makin your penis less sensitie they do truly work however they are a thicker condom slightly less thicker than their thick ones. The problem with them is when you stop using them and if you have for a long time and you get a bit sensitive with normal ones , however i have switched to the ultra featherlight .. gone from one extreme to the other in a sense these are by durex and are very very thin (so far one split out of 20 so not bad) but you feel everything and they come with extra on them too. So dependent on whether you need the support of the perfoma or the closeness of the featherlite i would reccomend either they both do the job!

No, no, no, be wary of the performa's, horrid things.... My review I know everyone is different but if it's a 'lack of condom' effect you're wanting, they're not it...

The ultra fetherlite ones are ok tho, from a female perspective I don't like condoms but understnad the need for them & these are what I use. I do want to try those Love ones tho, they look like they might be better.

Good luck with finding something that suits x

MTC is right i only suggested the performa if along with a condom you wanted to have a delayed effect too

Thanks for the ideas guys. Not particularly after delaying, just want something that feels like its not there!

So far, we've got on the list to try:

Durex Ultra Featherlite

Durex Elite

Durex Love

I'm also adding Mates Ultra Thin to the list, as I've got on well with he fit of Mates Natural in the past.

I love durex pleasuremax warming, but i am a girl so obviously i like the way it feels for a girl, couldn't say about a male, but my partner has never said anything negative about them!

i also like the skins pink ones... can't remember what they are called though =/

VW x

I had some success with Skyn. Slightly lighter than my usual Mates (hey, we could be Mates mates! No? No. OK then...)

I'm currently using which have been discontinued, but their other style is really cheap at the mo. They're pretty good.

My issue is security, so I am very wary of going too light in case of breakage.

as i said before i have had breakage with durex featherlites but i think that was down to an air bubble

i have tried the durex elie and they are very good but they are thicker than the ultra featherlites

Hiya just had a thought, we have bought them from here before and they do samplers, packs with a number of different kinds of condoms in, they don't do the ones that AD reccommended though as they are only available on lovehoney, We don't find them much different to the elite tbh.

I agree with Alicia, the best latex condoms are Durex Love - I've been using these for years, first found out about them on eBay where you can get huge amounts from the States for cheap. They feel fantastic.

Recently though I've switched to polyisoprene condoms. These are made out of a material thinner but stronger than latex, they don't smell rubbery, and they conduct heat better - so just generally make for a better condom. The current polyisoprene condoms are:

Durex Avanti Ultima -

Possibly Durex Real Feel -

Then either Mates or Lifestyles (depending on whether you're in the US or UK) SKYN condoms -