Any couples (or singles) with piercings in their pants?

My girlfriend has been interested in getting her clit hood pierced for a while now and is planning to get it done soon. She’s talked it over a couple of times with her closest friend who is also a pro piercer and found out that both her and her husband both have genital piercings and recommend them.

She’s now hinting that maybe we could also both get piercings and it be our hidden secret. I’d probably go for it but just wondered if any other couples or single people have piercings down below?

Morning and welcome :purple_heart: (unfortunately I’ve no intimate piercings, but someone on here will and answer your questions)

My wife’s had her hood done for years and up till recently 4 rings in her inner labia.
I’ve got a very thick PA ring that I’ve had years which I got later in life, no issues and doesn’t set off the airport scanner, though they can see it on the x-ray, only downside is the big ring clangs on the teeth so Bj’s can be difficult.

I have 7mm in my pa, 3.2mm in my frenum, 2 3.5mm hafadas and 2.8mm in my quiche.

Only issues I’ve had is the bar in my frenum coming undone and having to spend an undignified 5 mins trying to retrieve it :joy:
Happened more times than it should have!

Frenum bar feels great, probably adds more feeling than a pa. Pa probably foes more for your partner though.

Most of my ex’s have chipped teeth :wink:

Had them 20+ years.
Oddly I was a virgin when i had my first, and although i was of legal age for sex, i was too young for piercings :joy:

My husband has a prince albert that he got last year after wanting one a while. He loves it and it feels good for me but I also like seeing him with it. I don’t have any but maybe would get my clit hood done at some point.

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Got both nipples pierced. Got 2 guiche piercings.

As mentioned on another thread, I’ve a PA that was a gift from my wife (not that she did it herself…). Been stepping up in size and enjoying every minute. Love the way it can keep me aroused a little during the day and my OH loves the way it can rub her up especially when going in from behind.

We are a pierced couple, my wife got her VCH done when she was younger and I had been thinking about a PA for some time before I got it done about 3 years ago. We really enjoy our little secret!


I got a VCH piercing earlier this year and have wanted one for a while after I saw a friend with one. I love it and so does my boyfriend and he was very surprised I got it as I don’t really have any other piercing (other than ears) or tattoos or anything.