Any guys not keen on receiving oral ?

Just wondering , if I'm a bit odd .
I'm not that keen on oral . Love giving, but not receiving .
Giving it ? I could be down there all day long , but receiving ? Really am not into it .
If we''re playing Dom/sub games ,then I order her to do it ,as an act of subservience , but that's about it .
Just wondering how many other guys are like me .
I feel as if I'm the only one LOL

I like oral but i can't stand having my balls played with at the same time, ... my anxiety goes through the roof!

I love both....but tbh, I've not met a guy who's very good at it - sorry! Girls the long and distant past... but never a guy - maybe I'm just unlucky eh?

I don't really care about receiving. Love to give. Receive? Eh.

When we first got together my wife could make me cum without her hands - it was great! Those days are now long gone, and so now I'm a bit more 'meh' to receiving.

As per MK7, I do love to give her oral.

When I was younger I gave a few bjs too - thoroughlly enjoyed giving (and swallowing).

Love receiving, as long as no teeth are involved! I've only ever had one partner that gave amazing blowjobs 😊

Love both giving and recieving although I sometimes think I could be doing better. My wife is uncomfortable telling me if she wants me to change what im doing, she does climax quiet often but I like to try new things.

Only as foreplay, don't cum easily through BJs.

I'm a lover and then some but sadly wife detests it. I can honestly say I have never cum through it as she won't go that far. She has used her tongue on my shaft and ive cum but it feels wierdly different.

I do love a good BJ, and love it to completion but rarely do that now, as it just used to get in the mood and to ensure I am hard enough

I love oral, but hate it if the OH is just giving it cos she feels she has to. There’s a massive difference between an enthusiastic BJ and a bored one. I’d rather go have a wank than receive a BJ when she looks disinterested

Yes would agree with that Ladies man, she definitely needs to be enjoying it too

My husband loves it. So do I. I could be down there all day. 😍

xxxbumpioxxx wrote:

My husband loves it. So do I. I could be down there all day. 😍

He a lucky guy, have to also love giving it

i absolutely love giving it the hubby if he could take it everyday i would it drives me wild

Interesting thread this...I've never met a guy who doesn't enjoy it (not judging) but guaranteed you're not the only one. Ladyspider, I'm kind of with you on this one. I've found some guys reaaally have no clue what they're doing down there unfortunately, or are far to rough for my liking! Honestly, I probably prefer being blindfolded and being teased with a tickler rather than actual oral. I get off more with it.

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me me me me wrote:

i absolutely love giving it the hubby if he could take it everyday i would it drives me wild

I completely agree with ladiesman on the she has to want it as well. Xxxbumpioxxx it is great you do your husband is lucky. My past GF's only had 3 before my OH. First enjoyed it but just loved for you to do the work and she would swallow Second not a chance maybe a minute of licking if flavoured condom used. Although she was stunning and i loved her we did not match up with drives. 3rd was shy at first but once i gave her confidence in self was boarder line nymph. Amazing only time she took it to far was A2M ( cant decide if i loved it or was disguised maybe both.) My now OH is technical the best head giver, very enthusiastic at times but as she never swallows in my head ( thoughts) i some times build it up and think even though its great i worry about finishing. So a mixed experience i know not many partners but would any of these make it better. Facef**king, flavour condoms, A2M or swallowing

You certainly aren't the only one. I'm not that keen on receiving either. Don't get me wrong, it is quite nice to be in her mouth, but I never become hard and I never cum. Never have with any woman. Take it out of her mouth and put it in her pussy, and I'm rock hard in seconds. I have no idea why that is.

Since my gorgeous other half doesn't really like performing BJs either, it really worked out well. Where others see BJs as a convenient option, we see her pussy as the convenient option. We are both very happy with that.

She's not keen on receiving oral either, much preferring me to suck on her nipples. However, on occasions she does really fancy it, so we have a good long session, and unlike me, she can orgasm from a tongue.

Regarding what ChloJakes said about "I've never met a guy who doesn't enjoy it", I am afraid there is a lot of social convention going on here. Right from the start, lads are told they should enjoy and want BJs, and women are told they should do them. I love LH for enabling us to see there are other views out there.

There’s only one girl that’s ever been good at it and made me cum. I don’t get any feeling from a blow job and I start to lose my erection which then makes me feel bad on her lol

But nah I don’t enjoy blow jobs coz most girls don’t know what they’re doing or I’m not as sensitive as others

Both of us don't like oral, but he's a bit wierd, doesn't even like intercourse ![](upload://jokG3WtlbVccWAgGjeuPxY6tITM.gif)