Any guys shave their scrotum?

I’ve been shaving my nether regions for a while now. I just like the feel and also I feel a bit cleaner. Thing is I have noticed that I have loads of tiny blood blisters on my sac. It looks as if some of the tiny blood vessels are broken which look like the cause of the blood blisters. Not bleeding externally at all. Is it the razor causing this and if so is there a better method. I did look for hair removal cream but it said it wasn’t suitable for use near the genitals.

If you’re gonna shave that part of your body from experience don’t wet it and slighly shake the area and you should be getting most of the hair, then put some cream on the area during a bath/shower and should help stop any irritation hope advice helps :)

Shake my scrotum Josh? Is that a typo? It’s not itchy or anything just doesn’t look too nice.

Holy shit sorry I’ve not slept in 26 hours my apolgises don’t shake your scrotom, shave was my intended word

Also the slowly and gentlely shaving should stop any horribleness looks wise also just to be safe the cream idea helps onto also

I shave my scrotum, and yes i notice very tiny blood blisters, but they were there before i started shaving, i just think some people are prone to them, maybe it`s sitting or walking that causes them?

I don't shave just trim really closely using a Gillette styler with the lowest guard as to not nip anything. It's not completely shaved but its as good as and no shaving rash, no nicks, and no itching.

Shave in the bath and use a "Venus" razor, which is made for women to use 'down there' - much better than any male razor. No nicks or rash from that. You could always use a sensitive shaving gel or cream too, such as King of Shaves aloe & teatree sensitive gel.

I don’t shave but do use depilatory creme, much prefer it to shaving but must be careful with it

I do sort of shave although it's much more a close trim. I use a battery powered clipper on its shortest setting. I was apprehensive at first but I like the feel and the look so will keep at it. I have also started shaving my legs well I use a cream. It makes them feel really smooth and cool, great for the summer and fantastic with stockings

+1 for he idea of shaving in the bath. Unfortunately I only have a shower now so have had to get used to doing it in that. I use a Wilkinson sword hydro 5 and find that I don't need any shaving cream or gel when using that razor. Go slowly and you shouldn't have any problems, at least I've never managed to cut myself (Yet!). Same applies to shaving my Bum.

My fiancee takes great pleasure in waxing my back for me however. If you let your significant other at you with wax I have a few words of caution:

1) Check the temperature of the wax yourself, just because your other half thinks it's ok it might not be for you.

2) When they're finished make sure all the wax is gone. NP managed to miss a spot when doing my back. It was fine though until I needed the loo at which point my Boxers performed the role of the wax strips, removing a clump of hair from my arse and making me nearly hit the ceiling with the unexpected pain!

I just wet shave the lot with a manual razor and some Gillette cream, works a treat. Iv never noticed any blisters but skin can be prone to all sorts of blemishes. I will admit that a quick razor nip to the sack is the worst, especially if your in a hurry!

Many thanks for the tips everyone. I have bought some ladies disposables, forget the make but they got a good write up somewhere. I also use King of shaves with aloe and tea tree but not tried it on my nuts. I have been using ordinary Pears soap. Maybe that’s partly to blame. Will try the new products.

I shave my balls and ass crack. I use cheap disposables and usually shave in or after a hot bath. I dont shave too close during or just after a bath, i dry off and let things settle a bit, then dry shave closer till smooth. I have not noticed any sort of blister or spots but sometimes a bit of dryness. The best thing to use on your skin is organic coconut oil. It is the best, and natural.

Shave my cock, balls n bum for years and never had a problem with blisters, always do it in the shower with lots of soap and warm water

I shave every couple of days. Find it easier doing it in the bath than in the shower. Learnt my lesson in taking my time after a few bad experiences

I wet shave in the shower using a razor and foam. Never had any issues besides the odd nick or ingrown hair, which is pretty normal, I'd say.

My boyfriend shaves all his cock and balls and leaves some up top at the moment.

I`d recommend a good quality 5 blade razor over disposables any day,also King Of Shaves Sensitive gel(The blue one) the tea tree one may sting a bit if you`re not used to it! A good soak in a hot bath helps too!

One thing worth mentioning is on your shaving day I’d suggest trying loose boxers rather than anything too ball hugging. May just help a little to get some air to your nether regions. I get irritated skin if I wear anything too tight or sweaty without sounding too graphic 👌🏻