Any ideas why we do this?

So me and my OH were talking....well more chatting, talking makes it sound serious. We were talking about when we playfight, even though (it turns out) we both want something to come of it, nothing ever does. None of us could answer why though, we've been together 4 years, known each other 7 years. Its fair to say were very close and are more than comfortable around each other.

Still nothing comes from it when we playfight.....any suggestions why? Now we've talked about we both know we both want it to xx

This sounds to me like a classic case of "I'm waiting on you to make the first move here". Correct me if I am wrong, but if you both want something to happen, the only reason it never does is because neither of you take the leap to bridge the gap between play fighting, to making out. If both of you are waiting on the other and the move never comes from either of you, the moment fizzles away.

Does that sound like the likely cause? If so, I think you might know what I am going to say next - one of you needs to make the move. Ideally it would be nice if you both did - at least occasionally, because I know it can be frustrating to always be the one taking the lead - well it is for me anyway lol.

So I suggest taking the initiative and making the first move, as often as you like. If eventually you crave for him to take the reigns, then you can suggest it would be nice if he made the moves sometimes. (Maybe he will naturally now he knows it turns you on too)

I love play fighting! :D

Haha yeah it does sound a lot like that, he knows I struggle with making the first move in any situation (which I'm working on) that doesn't mean to say I expect him to make it every time as I know it frustrates him xx