Any sexy plans for tonight?

Thank you all.

We have another pegging and anal fisting session planned for tonight. Last time was amazing she dominated and worked my ass good, she also made me clean up the mess I made on her boobs.

Not tonight but tomorrow morning.

We are going to play out a story I read where a man is restrained then slowly lowered onto a huge anal dildo. Once the dildo is fully in place he is slowly and systematically masturbated using first 3 strokes with long pauses then 4 strokes and so on until he finally comes.

We bought the Doc Johnson Intimidator expressly for this scenario and she is exceptionally good with her hands so I’m really looking forward to it.


I’ve just been upstairs and laid out on the bed are my wife’s ‘Sigourney Weaver in Alien’ tiny grey pants and vest, a strap-on in her harness briefs and a We-Vibe.

I’m guessing that she’ll be slipping the We-Vibe inside herself, putting on the vest, pants and harness and I’ll be sucking on the dildo till she comes.

The best bit is when she starts to orgasm. She loses control and starts to fuck my face violently.


Sounds amazing

My partner is going to work on me. Or at least I’ll probably end up sitting on her face so she can lap up some cream :wink:

She’s nearing the end of her pregnancy (any week now!) and her libido is really high. I probably spent an hour this afternoon with my hand inside her pushing on her favorite spots while I sucked her. Her clit and labia are always large, but being at the end of a pregnancy she’s really, really swollen down there.

I didn’t get anything reciprocal from this afternoon as we got interrupted, but she put a hand under me just a while ago and told me that she “owes me one” later.


It was.

Wow,Lovely :smiley:

We had some sex the other night where I was blindfolded and tape / panty gagged.

It came after a couple of busy weeks of no time for sex and we both loved it. My wife really enjoyed it and wants a re run (ballgag this time apparently) . She’s off out for a couple of hours this evening but I’ve been messaged and told to get ready for her when she comes home in an hour or so.

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Just in from work….got massively delayed. I’m super tired but also super horny. My wife is drifting off on the sofa so will be some solo fun tonight :heart_eyes:

Haven’t sat on my butt plug for way too long, i understand its far better to play a bit regularly rather than a lot all at once, once in a while