Any Toys to help with DE?

I am wondering if anyone could suggest anything to help with DE whilst having penetrative sex?

I guess it may seem less of a problem then PE, but is stil very frustrating :( I think desensitising by too much masturbation without lube won't help. This is one reason I have bought a Tenga FlipHole which really does feel real and 'does the business' for me as well so I am hoping that will help 'retrain', but I was wondering if something like a vibrating cock-ring would also make any difference?

I have always thought of a cock ring as a mathod of delaying ejaculation and lasting longer, which is the reverse of what I want! But reading more about them, I may have the wrong idea?

Getting close and then entering is a method I have tried but getting the timing right is mighty tricky!

Any tips or ideas, please let me know :)

I wish I knew what you were talking about, but I have no idea what DE or PE are (unless you mean Germany and Physical Education, but that can't be right...?)

Lubyanka wrote:

I wish I knew what you were talking about, but I have no idea what DE or PE are (unless you mean Germany and Physical Education, but that can't be right...?)

I think its meant as in - DE delayed ejaculation

PE premature ejaculation

sorry i cant offer any help on the issue but that might help someone else :-)

Sorry - yes. Libby is correct. Should have explained better.

Oh good i am glad i didn't get it wrong , i would have thought you are going to need to take some time working at it (which you are probably doing already), i think your mind will be playing a big part in it, the mind is a powerful thing and you are probably already stressing about the DE before you even start. A possibility would be to try and forget about acheiving ejaculation and just try and enjoy penetration, mabe if you take the pressure off yourself the rest may follow.

Good Luck

Wow Bingo Caller, oops sorry Chris, l can only think you have been playing solo for quite a time and have become imprinted on your own tempo when engaged in the act. As for what may help, and only from my own perspective l agree, but visual either real or mental imagery may assist, or if your partner tilts her hips while yopu are inside her that can trigger me, changes the angle, and works very quickly. All a bit vague l accept but works for me who can also sometimes suffer DE.

Cheers TB

Some Time? Too Long!

It is not something I worry about so much that it makes me lie awake at night, but I do know both of us enjoy it more when I finish inside.

I'll keep working on it - and working on it is still fun as well :)

Cheers for the wise words, guys ;)

Seems such a pity with that awesome weapon too Chris.


I bet DE is something many men suffer from at some point! Have you had a look to see if there are any books with some info on different positions maybe? Or maybe searching through the forums?

Have you tried using a butt plug, a strongly vibrating cock ring or a cock ring with a bit that goes behind your balls too? They all make me come a lot more quickly.