Any US customers having trouble with the DHL shipping?

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if any other US customers were having trouble with the DHL 3 - 5 day shipping. Several of my orders have been significantly delayed because of things just sitting at a DHL hub, and almost everything I’ve ordered has shown up damaged. :( I was just curious if anyone else was having trouble. I’ve written to customer service and they’re wonderful, but I always feel like such a bother complaining repeatedly about the same thing with almost every order.

Wow , no never . Often get my order before estimated delivery and never damaged . I am in the PNW .

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Oh my, so sorry to hear you having this trouble!

Do not feel like a bother at all. Do tell us each time so that customer care can log it, it will all get fed back through the correct channels and hopefully, DHL will get to the bottom of it all.

How frustrating for you too! I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused

That’s interesting, Oldman, I’m in the Midwest, so I’d expect yours would’ve been even worse being farther from Atlanta. Thanks, Leanne. I do hope they get to the bottom of it or Lovehoney eventually just switches carriers. DHL has passed everything of mine off to USPS anyway, so I’d be surprised if there isn’t money that could potentially be saved.

Glad I am not the only one who thinks that DHL is the worst carrier around. I placed an order five days ago and the shipping still has not updated. Customer service sucks because all they say is if and when the package is over a week late there is nothing they can do. That is Lovehoney customer service DHLs is so much worse. They are saying they can help after 21 days. So if someone from Customer Service is on here please explain to me how that is good customer service. I mean I thought when I contacted customer service they would actually try to help and not just say that my problem isn’t a problem yet.

Same, and I typically don’t have an issue with DHL when I’m home there :thinking: Although when DHL is used it’s typically their express service so that might influence things :woman_shrugging: In the US, OnTrac is the absolute worst in my experience :sweat_smile: But like @Lovehoney_Leanne said, you can reach out to Lovehoney customer care and they can reach out to DHL for you (often has more weight if the shipper/business contacts than the customer), and if things arrived damaged they can help with that as well (and will often offer to ship with a different courier just to be double safe) :+1:

Customer service doesn’t check the forum so if you want an officially response, you will need to contact them directly.

However, unfortunately that is just the way shipping works. All couriers have a period where the parcel hasn’t arrived in the expected window, but isn’t classed as lost. Pretty much any company you buy from will have to use a 3rd party courier and so be bound by their terms. If Lovehoney are satisfied the parcel has definitely let their warehouse then there is nothing they can really do until it is over the courier’s time period. Otherwise, Lovehoney will just be telling you they are looking into it when they actually can’t, meaning you’ll be messaging asking why it is taking so long and why they didn’t tell you that the courier wouldn’t do anything until a certain date.

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So as I was saying Customer Service that doesn’t actually fucking help the customer is the absolute worst. Five days of no status updates should be more than enough to show there is a fucking problem. They need to go with a reliable shipper that actually provides accurate tracking.

I actually had an issue when I was home in the US with USPS saying they had delivered it but they hadn’t so I immediately emailed customer service and they sent a new order out in a few hours :+1: The original package ended up arriving the next day but LH said to just keep it :sweat_smile: Also, had the same issue with Evri in the UK saying they had delivered but I hadn’t received it (turned out the delivery guy had chucked it into our back garden but I couldn’t see it since we only mow the lawn in the summer :woman_facepalming:) but LH immediately sent out a new order, so I wouldn’t say they won’t/can’t look into it :woman_shrugging: However those were both delivery issues vs slow progress in the delivery chain so :woman_shrugging: :sweat_smile: In my opinion it never hurts to reach out :sweat_smile: I do think I remember there being certain depots packages stayed at for ages for DHL, but I waited as just used standard shipping :sweat_smile: At the height of the pandemic I think a package was stuck for like 15 days one time :sweat_smile:

I don’t disagree that you shouldn’t reach out in any circumstance but a parcel saying it has been delivered when it hasn’t been is a different issue to tracking not updating. There can be delays booking parcels into depots (and particularly customs if the order has been placed on an international site). Resending a parcel that is stuck in a queue won’t get it to the customer faster, unlike a parcel that says it has been delivered, when there is a good chance the original has been stolen or something. Also, there has to be the stock available to replace the parcel.

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I completely agree @Calie :+1: Honestly 5 days isn’t that long @Eldritch_Pimp, especially if you just got standard shipping :woman_shrugging: :sweat_smile: In the UK standard shipping is incredibly fast as the country is so small, but standard shipping can sometimes take 2 weeks or longer in the US, so I’d say have some patience as all delivery companies are being incredibly overrun at the moment and understaffed :sweat_smile: Reaching out is all you can do until it’s been over the time, as the courier companies know sometimes parcels can sit for a while (I’ve had it happen before) until there’s enough parcels to fill the truck/plane :woman_shrugging: :sweat_smile:

I’ve never had trouble with it, though DHL and the way it partners with USPS for delivery is not nearly as user friendly as the other major services. I think the longest I’ve waited for an order was 8 or 9 days due to ordering after hours on a Friday, so it didn’t dispatch until Monday and had another weekend delay in there after. Lately things have actually been arriving a day or two before estimate, but DHL tracking doesn’t move much in between.

I’ve also just found it requires more frequently clicking all the way through to details on DHL end to get more info; I couldn’t read clearly if you were upset that LH wasn’t providing updates or DHL, so maybe that helps.

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I usually go with standard delivery which is DHL handing off to USPS . I have not even seen an OnTrac van in over a year . The longest I think an order ever took was when US LH did not carry a lace thong and I ordered it from the UK . If I remember correctly it took 9 days , but worth it because I thought my ass would look good in them .

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I think it tends to be more cheap and fast fashion brands that use them, but every time I see them when the tracking link is sent I just feel dread (they’re like Yodel or Evri for any UK peeps reading) :sweat_smile: That handoff between DHL and USPS seems to sometimes take a while :sweat_smile: I personally don’t like when there’s a handoff between couriers as that’s probably when the most error can occur :sweat_smile: I’ve honestly had faster delivery of items going from the UK LH warehouse to me in the PNW then ordering from the US LH warehouse when I’m home in the States :woman_facepalming: :sweat_smile: You do rick a good thong :wink: