Any way of finding out what I've reviewed?

I’m trying to find out which items I’ve left reviews for and which items I haven’t left reviews, on the lovehoney website… Anyway of finding out?
Thanks in advance x


As far as I can see you can’t. You can only look at your most recent orders.

I’ve just logged into my account to have a look

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No there isn’t currently/anymore unfortunately. Hopefully at some point soon reviews will go back to having user names on them which will make it a little easier to find them

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Yea, I can’t seem to see either.:thinking:
Maybe this is something lovehoney could look into…?
@Lovehoney_Nick ?

Think there used to be a section on your account profile where you could see all your recent reviews but then again it’s been a long time since I last checked so might be different now :face_with_spiral_eyes:

It’s well known about, and it’s supposed to be something they’re working to address. I wouldn’t hold your breath, though… :roll_eyes:

That functionality went west when they changed over to the new website. No-one’s made any promises about bringing it back.


Since the old system went kaput the quickest and easiest way to find all your reviews is this…

Go through all your orders one by one and check every item you’ve bought. Then all you need to do is try and work out which reviews might be yours and which are another ‘verified user’.

Definitely the quickest and easiest way to do it…:wink::joy::joy:


The only way to speed it up by the tiniest fraction is to use the search in the review sections to find some distinctive words you remember using (mine is ‘Mrs Chimp’ :slightly_smiling_face:).

It’s officially pants though. :-1::slightly_smiling_face:


Oh darn that’s annoying :expressionless:

Funny you should say that… This is exactly what I did… And I’ve found that most of my reviews aren’t even on there anymore… Wtaf!!?
Have they deleted reviews to only certain ones… I.e. The 4 and 5 star ones :thinking::thinking::thinking:
This has me thinking…

It wasn’t deliberate. Not all reviews were properly moved over from the old site. If you know which ones are missing you can drop Brenna an email and she can get it look into (and get the reviews reinstated).

It will depend when the reviews are from. The archive will only be pre-January (it looks like @MrsG17 joined in June).

If you’ve only ever reviewed recently (after January this year) then all of your reviews should be part of the new system. They can be quite tricky to spot now they don’t have names on. Have you got a particular missing one in mind?

I always love it when companies ‘upgrade’ or try something new and take functionality away from the end user. Reminds me of New Coke. :roll_eyes:

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Yes, i hope they jam the names back on. Not having them is a pest

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I only joined the community on June. But been purchasing from lovehoney since November last year. My first ever review is on there… But I already know it was a different name I used

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If you used the same email address for those earlier ones it shouldn’t matter that they have a different display name, and should all be linked up backstage. :+1:

If you’re missing any from November to January then there maybe a copy archived somewhere. Any from mid-January onwards should all be part of the new review system, and will have been too late to be included in the ‘big copy across’ (so shouldn’t have been lost anywhere).

If you give us some clues we can help to look for any you can’t spot?