Anyone else?

Really enjoy masturbating upon waking in the morning?

Sometimes it's the first thing I do in the morning, literally as soon as I wake up I'm feeling horny. Only really happens when I've had a rather intense session with my toys the night before

mm me too i wake up withan early morning stiffy which must be got rid of dont like to waste it so back to the toys and a good wank

My Mr loves sex in a morning he would probs masterbate also, me too if i had the chance but with 2 kids rareing to get up and go we very rarely get chance too xx

Work usually puts a stop to it unless it's the weekend! ;)

OYes i do,Must have something to do with all the naughty dreams i have in the night

I do. Morning wood is one of life's great opportunities!

Love it, Avrielle_Aniko. I'm kind of with you, there should be a law against perky mornings. I too get very sleepy after coming. Having said that if i've not got much on in the day i'm not adverse to having some solo fun!

i dot think i would be abull to function in the day if i did not ;-)

when i have the time but it is not all that often.

I'm with Avrielle_Aniko and 2nd Chance T, it would just put me back to sleep! And I'm terrible enough in the morning as it is. Bedtime is my favourite time for orgasms, then I can just drift off to sleep afterwards.

i think that is the most common time for me now either with sex or alone you just don't have the time in the morning and i find it improtant to be realaxed.

I used to love morning sex when I worked back shift (2-10) Because the ex had to get up really early so we would have morning sex which would send me back to sleep and he'd go off to work happy :)