Anyone got any new ideas for male masturbation?

I wank 4/5 times a day and haven’t had sex since Sept 2018. Around 6 months ago I started thinking about touching my ass to see if It adds anything to my time alone wanking and it was really exciting and eventually moved on to try small objects then a vibrator and now using a suction dildo that I can stick on the toilet seat, bath and shower wall to ride on or bounce back on, I even my fridge and loved the risk doing that! I just need to introduce new excitement into my wanking, I would like to Wank for a guy or woman while watching them play too, would love to have videos requested for anyone’s personal fantasy and earn a little cash each video I make. Having someone want me to do something for their pleasure and to know it’s serious by paying a small amount it turns me on massively to the point there’s nothing I wouldn’t do.. if anyone knows how I’d go about with that then please let me know, I know there’s people with extreme fantasies and fetishes that haven’t been able to happen which is why I would love to be able to let them live it.

In terms of platforms to gain video requests I don't think this is something that can be discussed on here but I may be wrong, maybe somebody else could confirm?

Have you tried a male masturbator? Obviosuly you have mentioned how you have added toys into your solo play for anal simulation but what about a stroker or battery powered masturbator.

I have a couple strokers and also a vibrating masturbator and they really enhance orgasm when I use them and mix things up a little. I also enjoy using a penis pump before I masturbate, its almost like a form of solo foreplay.

Yes, you seem keen on pushing the boundaries of the rules of this forum. If you want contacts or sales, there are many other internet sites for just that.

Firstly try adult hub that's so chat room for thexample strange and beautiful. Unfortunately solo gets zoom bit boring. Its far more fun if someone else is doing it. Because solo you tend to stop before you go to far. Or can't handle the experience. If your restrained and gagged the experience is definitely better. I'd definitely recommend a prostate toy thats the best way to orgasm doesn't have to be a big toy. Again that's a different experience. But good luck and have fun