Anyone have any LH Couples games?

I’m looking to purchase one of the LH couples games for my BF and i to enjoy on a trip we are going on.

I am comtenplating this one but it is currently out of stock.
(click the link and scroll down to see the item)

Does anyone have any of the games or like a particular one, because it is difficult to compare on the website as they all look so similar.


I’ve played a few sold by lovehoney. Monogamy is probably the best one


No idea about games @Sophie01 but have you thought about dice? Its great to hear from you on here and that your relationship is still going strong. Where are you going on your trip. Have a lovely time and keep is updates

Hey @Sophie01, the one in your link does look fun, hope it comes back into stock soon :crossed_fingers: The only LH game we have played is This one which is a bit of fun as you can make up your own forfeits if your undecided between the 2 options! You can also purposely not answer just to do one of the forfeits for a bit more fun! Not sure if it was more the board game type you were after though :man_shrugging:

We’ve got Nookii: The Hot Game for Passionate Lovers - Lovehoney UK, which is currently out of stock, but to be honest, we found it rather dull.

We’ve also got Oral Fun Board Game - Lovehoney UK, which we absolutely love. For £14.99, I don’t think it’s possible to have more fun!

We’ve also just recently purchased various card sets and dice sets, but they are anniversary gifts and haven’t been opened yet. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We brought the date night cards during lockdown seeing we couldn’t go anywhere, gave us a few ideas when we had nothing to do, but they weren’t a sex thing, things like plan a holiday, have a indoor picnic etc, always lead to sex though, haven’t used the going out cards yet though

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There was a previous thread on this, but my thoughts on these games are mixed.

I love the idea of these games and I think we now own all available on LH and even it’s rival store, but they are either too tame or too far the other way. It almost feels like forced fun and make you drink to enjoy the night. Sometimes I just want a booze free night and play games with my sexy wife but I feel the market is crying out for a top game.
That being said, we still have had fun with them.
If you have time, you can almost merge them all in to one game and make you own cards.

We have a jar which we’ve filled with bits of paper with things to do, could be a do this to him/her, lick this, use this, wear this sort of thing, great to use to mix things up every now and then


@Curums123 @Forever_Curious @JonnybGoode I’ll deffo check those games out!

@steve19 I have used the dice before and do like them, but am looking for something that lasts alittle longer, as with the dice after a roll or two we usually just end up stopping and just having sex, haha. :rofl:
We are just going to Centre parks in Woburn for just under a week. We were actually in Copenhagen, Denmark last week which was really lovely but of course it had to be shark week for me when we went!! :rage: :dizzy_face:

@ToysRusDevon I actually have those same cards! Haven’t got round to opening any yet, but plan on using quiet alot of them throughout the summer as i am now back in London from uni untill September, so will be seeing my OH alot more.
Your jar idea is also a really good idea, i remmeber having something similar with my girlfriend of what to do when we went out with each other such as go to the movies, or for dinner, etc!

@Bonzo2020 Yeah i do find that with some games, they seem to be either one way or the other to the extreame. Mergeing them is a really good idea, especially a few of the £15 and under ones!

I think i am going to have alook at those games some of u suggested and get one of those, as i’m impatcient and don’t want to wait for it to come back into stock. :joy:

I am looking to grow my collection of these games so i will probs buy this one in the future too when it does come back in anyway. Xx

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It must have been nice in Copenhagen @Sophie01 and i’m sure you will have a great time at Center Parc’s. I hope he has had his Weetabix as it sounds like there will be some/alot of action. It must be so good to be so young. Have a lovel.y time

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Hi all,

We are looking for some sexy games to play that are adventurous and kinky, while not being too long winded and awkward at times. We have the board game Monogamy which we have played a few times and an app called Couples Game which has some good “tasks”.

Any suggestions welcome

Not a board game but have you just done role play? We do it all the time, also maybe you can turn some normal games like twister into naked twister that would be fun lol I’m going to try this now I’ve typed it “naked twister” if anyone try’s it you stole my idea and owe me for copy right lol :joy: hope you manage to have fun in whatever you find to do!

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Following, I want game ideas as well

Yes please… oh sorry you were asking for suggestions not offering haha :grin: :rofl: :grin:

Always wanted to play naked twister!! :blush:

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Myself and the OH got earlier this year, played it once so far on a quiet Saturday afternoon…

Have to admit, the OH wasn’t particularly into it as the questions at the early stages are pretty corny the she thought the forefeits kind of got in the way of a fun afternoon :slight_smile: But we finished the game and the session…

I’m sure we’ll do it again on a rainy day but not sure we need it!

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