Anyone own Perfect Fit 2-Inch Ball Stretcher ?

So i have this its great for solo action, as it adds weight and of course you can really feel your balls moving when your tugging. But wearing it when i'm doing everyday things thats another thing, i cant really feel i'm wearing it, ive walked fast ive ran and you just cant feel any sway in your balls, some reviews seem to suggest they can feel the tug and it feels nice with your balls moving/slapping your legs, I'm just not getting that. It enlarges them but does't really pull my balls downwards.

Before i write my review i want to hear what others have to say, i think the picture is not missleading but it doesn't look like that when ive got it on.

I don't own one but as a sub it has been used on me several times. I'm lucky that I have very large balls and a very large ball sac which allows my balls to swing every which way. When the ball stretcher is put on me every thing tightens up. There is no slack in the sac and the skin up your shaft is pulled back giving more sensativity to the head. I love it but my balls wont swing. Its realy great when having sex because the stretcher pushes your balls forwards and in contact most of the time

Hi, I’ve just purchased a ball stretcher today and have been wearing it now for about an hour. It feels quite comfortable, and I hope I get a result in wearing it as I only have a tight little pair of testicles
Keen to hearing peoples thoughts x