Anyone recommend good condoms

The durex ultra thing condoms broke twice on us! we did use lube,so we cant underrstand why it ripped.

Can any one suggest really good condoms,using them is new to us as i used to be on birth control,but im giving my body a break..

Mates Skyns, latex free. They are by far the best that I have used x

Durex real feel 😉

Ive never had a problem with durex myself. If you live in the UK your local family pplanning might have some different brands (mine stock pasante) to try bedfore you buy.

Trojan are Allright too

I already have one problema with condoms by durex, but i realy like the brand and the comdons. Here the best brands are durex and control, I prefere the first one.

In this moment we use offered condoms by family planning, they are more difficult to put and more thick... The felling sucks, but it's free :x

LifeStyles! they never broke on me, feel nice and are well lubricated :)

We find these to be quite nice :D

exs are the brand the nhs use according to a box of flavoured ones i have, and i got a passante one from brook when i got my implant, which i just had a play with, seemed very sturdy and they do ribbed and dotted for extra stimulation.