Anyone used Fist-It Extra Thick? General Anal toys advice welcome


Looking for a new Water Based lube as I'm about to treat myself to some anal toys.

My partner introduced me to the pleasures of anal after being one of those girls that said never ;-) I'd tried it once with my ex-partner but he wasn't the least bit concerned whether he hurt me and had no patience. My current sexual partner does it exquisitely! And I'm now a convert!

So much so I'd like to introduce anal toys into the mix. He's previous given me anal and used a vibrator inside my pussy at the same time and we both enjoyed the sensation. So I'm looking to get some vibrating anal beads and also a double penetrator cock ring (I often dream of that there are two of him/he's cloned and they are both taking me at once so looking to get that sensation).

We normally use vaseline for lube for anal. We both enjoy the sensation of it's thick goopiness as I stimulate with my hand in preparation.

Anyone that's used Fist-It Extra Thick able to comment if it feels as thick and goopy especially how it feels on cock?

I'm not bothered about how it feels anally I'm usually relaxed and turned on enough minimum lube is required.

Any tips/comments appreciated xxx

We have used Maximus , Libido and Lubrifist all great anal lubes but if your after a really thick jelly like lube Lurbifist was most like that